Quotes / The D-Pad

John: So, Australia is a country known for many things including dingos, babies, aaand wallabies.
Rick: Like Rocko.
John: Like Rocko.
— Introduction to Let's Play 5 Days a Stranger, Part 1 — "Sexy Solitaire"
(the very first lines spoken on The D-Pad's YouTube channel)

Rick: Do you know how ladders work?
John: You USE them!
Steve: Yes.

Rick: We're doing a little bit of a mic switcheroo, don't worry about this, guys.
John: Am I not on mic right now?
Rick: Uhh, no—
John: BOOBS!
Rick: Oh, no YOU are.
John: Oh.

John opens his inventory to reveal a lockpick, a book of spells, and a formerly salty bear.
John: So wow, this is all I have for, uh—
Rick: That is all you have now.
John: Good.
Brandon: At least she left you the bear.
John: Yeah, took the stick, but they left me the salt-covered bear?
Steve: No salt, just the bear. They cleaned the bear.
Brandon: You can't even lick the bear for sustenance!

Rick: So to sum this up, we beat the redhead, and my star player turns into Snooki. That's awful.