Quotes: The City Narrows

"Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."
Lawrence Walsh, Chinatown

"He was at once a fence for stolen articles and a spy for the police. He worked a thriving trade both ways, because the district on which he bordered was the Maze, a tangle of muddy, winding alleys and sordid dens, frequented by the bolder thieves in the kingdom."

"Welcome to the Narrows. No-one's coming to save you."
Joker, The Joker Blogs

Martha: You've brought me to the slums?
Doctor: Much more interesting! It's all cocktails and glitter up there; this is the real city.

"There's nothing to be on Cluny Square. It's fallen off the world. And they can't find their way back on their own. You're not supposed to say that in America, are you? The land of can-do, the American dream of grab all you can and fuck the other guy. But it's true. Cluny Square is rotting. If and when utilities workers enter these apartments to service power and water, they have to wear anti-bacterial suits. But the people who live here don't get them. Cluny Square is poison. The police enter in groups of no less than twenty, cabs won't enter at all, the address on a job application is deathÖ "
Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan

"No one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can't run anywhere except where its rails take it."
Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII

"Iím interested in Hitman as a character in the larger DCU, and 'the area of Gotham so bad that Batman doesnít go there,' because Batman is a dude that has paid multiple visits to a planet literally called Apokolips."
ComicsAlliance on Hitman

"The post-war fascination with technocracy and the sudden availability of lots of modernist architects who had fled the Nazis meant that everybody wanted to do big urban renewal projects with grand designs and visions. Hence the rise of brutalism... The standard example is Pruitt-Igoe, a shoddily constructed block of housing that quickly degenerated into a crime-ridden nightmare and was demolished less than twenty years after its construction. The two extremes of this form a clear snapshot of this sort of modernism. On the one hand, Pruitt-Igoe was an unmitigated disaster of a construction. On the other, it was built by respected architects and was an acclaimed piece of architecture. The contrast led to the ironically derogatory phrase 'award-winning design' to refer to something beloved by architectural critics and thus, by implication, almost certainly a piece of crap in practice."

"The Tower of David wasn't destined to stay empty indefinitely. In 2007, the skyscraper was invaded by droves of squatters...Since most of the 45-story unfinished building didn't yet have the amenities you expect from a home — like, say, electricity or windows — residents took to MacGyvering basic utilities. You know your city has hit the skids when you're this excited to finally install your own toilet. Instead of being home to fancy executives and shitheel bankers, now over 3,000 people live in what is essentially a real-life version of the slum tower blocks from Dredd."