Quotes / Spit Take

It's conversation, not irrigation!
— Popular retort.

Drakina: Oh, not much. Been relaxing in the resort, going to restaurants, lost my virginity...
Chuck: ..girl, you disappoint me. You know that you should wait with these kinds of statements until I'm drinking something so I can do that funny "is so surprised that he spits his drink everywhere"-thing.
Drakina: Forgive me, it's early!
(Hilarity walks in and spits out his drink.)
Hilarity: Don't worry Chuck, I've got you covered.
Chuck: Well, good thing Hilarity was here, so... no harm done. Also, congrats.

Fluttershy to Twilight: You look just like a princess!
Princess Celestia: That's because she is a princess.
Mane 6: Huh?
Pinkie Pie: Hold on a second! [pulls out a glass of water, drinks from it and spits it out]

Joseph: Hey, shopkeep! Gimme a tea!
(Joseph winks at the disguised Oingo.)
Captain Tennille Imposter!Oingo: IT'S TIME!
Boingo: Big bro! Hey, big bro!
Captain Tennille Imposter!Oingo: IT'S TIME! Here's your tea!
(Captain Tennille Imposter!Oingo hands the Stardust Crusaders the poisoned tea. Joseph takes a sip.)
Captain Tennille Imposter!Oingo: They drank it!
Midler: Yeeek! What's this dog doing here?!
(Iggy is taking a bath in Midler's soup. Joseph spits out the poisoned tea in surprise.)

With the last of breakfast done, he took a seat at the table, took a sip of water, unfolded the morning paper, then nearly spat his drink out.
Shinji, Children Of An Elder God, chapter 4