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"Sisko is alone with Mirror Dax, and she starts taking off her clothes and putting the moves on him. To his credit, Sisko resists her advances for a good three or four seconds before basically saying 'what the hell' and giving in, and then we fade to black. I’m pretty sure the writers/producers threw in this bit just to troll the fans, years before 'trolling' was even a thing."

"There’s a very odd moment when Mulder and Marita start talking in flirt, and we fade to black pondering whether they have slept together or not. Given there is very little chemistry between the two actors (the ‘Shippers’ will organise a mass suicide) and it feels as out of place as every sex scene randomly shoved into a James Herbert novel, I wouldn’t have even have bothered to make the supposition. By the end of the episode there is so much built up tension between Mulder and Krychek I don’t know why they don’t just fuck the brains out of each other so they can work together to achieve their aim rather than griping at each other all the time... Duchovny, to his credit, really sells the sexual tension and its nice that he’s giving slash fiction writers something to do with their time."
Doc Oho on The X-Files, "Tunguska"

"A fortune-teller predicted that Katara's true love is a very powerful bender. Will it be the Avatar, or will fate lead her in another, more fiery direction?"
Nick Mag Presents: Avatar

They make such a cute couple.
The king and queen look pretty nice too. Heh heh.
This part of Homestuck, upon examining a statue of the aforementioned king and queen

Commander Shepard: We've got oceans, beautiful women, this emotion called love. According to the old vids, we have everything they want.
Kaiden Alenko: When you put it that way, there's no reason they wouldn't like you. I mean, us! Humans! Ma'am.
Ashley Williams: You don't take much shore leave, do you, L-T?

JewWario: It's time for the line that launched a thousand fanfics!
Suede: Huh?
Misty: I'll go look for him. And Ash is never really alone, 'cause he's got... me.
Suede: Oh, that.
JW: Well, hello.
Linkara: Oh come on, they're like ten years old.
Suede: Well, that doesn't mean a relationship can't develop. I mean sure, it's platonic now, but girls develop crushes earlier than boys and Ash can get older... and... taller... What?
JW: You were a PokéShipper, weren't you, Suede?
Suede: Noooooooo! Just because Pokémon was the first fandom I experienced fanfiction from doesn't mean I had any preferences in shipping!
Linkara: He totally was. You were heartbroken when she left, weren't you, Suede?
Suede: Now you listen here, whether or not I shed any tears when the trio parted ways is none of your—
JW: Oh, this is just precious-
admin: ENOUGH! You're nearly at the end. Suede's incredibly dorky pastimes are not important right now!
Suede: Thank you! Gosh!
admin: ...I bet he looked up "Ash/Misty romance hints" on angelfire.
Suede: Hey, SHUT UP! ugh...

...there are still plenty of those little touches to their interactions. You’ll get those fleeting glances, those subtle double meanings, those tiny actions that might mean nothing, but that get thought about from every single angle in order to tease out any possible hidden meaning.
Dave Justus, on writing Bigby and Snow's relationship

"Well, there's a popular line with the fan community!"
Christopher Rowley, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers DVD Commentary, regarding the "easy babe" scene in "Scarecrow"