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Quotes: Shiptease
Sisko is alone with Mirror Dax, and she starts taking off her clothes and putting the moves on him. To his credit, Sisko resists her advances for a good three or four seconds before basically saying “what the hell” and giving in, and then we fade to black. I’m pretty sure the writers/producers threw in this bit just to troll the fans, years before “trolling” was even a thing.

"A fortune-teller predicted that Katara's true love is a very powerful bender. Will it be the Avatar, or will fate lead her in another, more fiery direction?"
Nick Mag Presents: Avatar

They make such a cute couple.
The king and queen look pretty nice too. Heh heh.
This part of Homestuck, upon examining a statue of the aforementioned king and queen

Commander Shepard: We've got oceans, beautiful women, this emotion called love. According to the old vids, we have everything they want.
Kaiden Alenko: When you put it that way, there's no reason they wouldn't like you. I mean, us! Humans! Ma'am.
Ashley Williams: You don't take much shore leave, do you, L-T?

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