Quotes / Sarcastic Clapping

" Oh, good. My Slow Clap Processor made it into this [potato]. So we have that."

Jeff: You can't talk and then do a slow-clap.
Chang: You don't know that!

"Bravo, Dipper Pines! You've discovered our little secret! Applaud everyone, applaud sarcastically! ...Uh, no. That sounds too sincere, slower. Theeere we go. Nice and condescending."
Wax Sherlock Holmes, Gravity Falls, "Headhunters"

"Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. So tell me...what do you plan to do about...them?" (cut to more mooks ready to charge)

Zito: And what's left is, a tuxedo-color catman in a red coat clapping.
Lanipator: I like to imagine he's just been slow-capping the entire time, sarcastically, ever since the end of the performance. "They'll notice me. They'll notice me eventually..."
Ben: It took like three hours for it to clear out, parking was a bitch, but he's just like, "This is going to pay off!"
Zito: He was fucking ready to do this shit!
Grant: "It'll be hilarious."
Lani: "You don't know how long I can condescendingly clap!"
Zito: "I'm quite the master of it..."