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Quotes: Ragequit
I'll fidget with the digit dots
Frustration rules out there!
— "Computer Games", Mi-Sex (1980)

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing.

"Yeah, I dare ya, Rage Quit! C'mon, make us both happy!"
The Scout, Team Fortress 2 domination taunt

I know a few things Hardison. I know that an overcomplicated puzzle eventually begs the question 'is it really worth it?'.
Nate Ford explaining the definition of Rage Quit in Leverage

Back when your father and grandfather played Team Fortress 2, being bad at the game was so shameful, they would rage-quit (a lengthy, painful process that involved pulling burning coal from the computer's furnace).

That's how nasty my game is, son! I send niggas runnin' away!
Cristal, The Boondocks

Blood! My noble blood, spilled by the sheer luck of such...such TRASH?! No, no, I will not allow this to stand! I CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO STAAAAAAND! YOUR INSOLENCE JUST COST YOU THIS WORLD!
Vegeta, Dragon Ball Kai

I could never accept defeat at the hands of vermin like you! I would quit before I would face that shame!
Freeza, Dragon Ball Kai

"When the going gets tough, quit!"
H. Ross Perot, as played by Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live


(sobbing) "That's not fair! THE GAME CAN'T CHANGE AS I'M PLAYING IT! WHY?! I don't wanna play. I don't wanna play. I don't wanna play. (sniff) I don't wanna play. I don't wanna play anymore. I don't want to play this game. This game is terrifying."
Markiplier plays Vanish

"The final straw came when I spent an hour driving laboriously around around the park [killing enemies], and then after a brief puzzle sequence, thirty more popped up and the game told me I had to take care of them, too. 'No.', I replied. 'No, I do not. I reject your stupid fucking arbitrary gameplay-lengthening World of Warcraft grind-quest and I'm sick of putting up with your bullshit. I know you provide the option to skip to the next chapter, but I'm not gonna use it! I've had enough! If someone serves you a dead dog for lunch, you do not stick around for the pudding!"

"Things came to a head when I clopped three complete circuits around the town like a three-legged, badly-dressed donkey ride, killing things, taking quests, and waiting for the window to the next story mission to open. But when it did, the first enemies I met kept taking off all my health with one attack! Blocking didn't seem to do shit! So what am I supposed to do now, game? Grind? Buy better underpants? I've only got four in-game hours to do this bloody quest. I'm finding this whole timer thing to be very paralyzing — but not as much as the knowledge that even if I get through this, my only reward will be more time spent with Shite-ning and Hope-On-A-Rope. Whereas...if I stop playing...I can eat all of the individual Mr. Kipling apple pies in the house. Sorry, Lightning Returns, you lose to Pie. (beat) -Ting. (beat) Returns."

"I'm done, I'm done, get me outta here, Engineer, I'm done with this crap! I mean, I'm jaded man. I mean, I'M DEPRESSED!"
Ghost, True Capitalist

"I'm still angry about that stage. And I will be angry about it forever. I'll leave a footnote about it in my will when I die of old age or something. Just be like, like, 'To whom it may concern. Fuck Top Zone, Act 2.' And they'll be like, what the hell does that even mean? And no one will know, but me. And no one will be able to ask me, for I am dead."
— Lets Player Darkness The Curse, on Hill Top Zone in his Sonic 2 XL Let's Play

Arin: (stomps loudly out of room, then back in again) No, I'm fucking done. I'm fucking done!
Jon: No yer not!
Arin: This is bullshit! This is fucking bullshit!
Jon: (giggling hysterically) I can't get off!
Jon: I'm stuck!
Arin: WHAT IS MY LIFE?! I can't do it, Jon!
Jon: I can't either!
Jon: (puts on his best Patton voice) Tell ya what Arin?!! You can give up now, or you can fight it out! Because I certainly can't do it without you, and I know you can't do it without me!
Arin: ...I appreciate it, but look at what we're dealing with, man! We gotta draw the line somewhere! You gotta draw a fucking line in the sand, you gotta make a STATEMENT! You gotta look inside yourself and say, "What am I willing to put up with today?" NOT! FUCKING! THIS!
Game Grumps playing "Sonic O'Dicks" (aka Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))

COME ON! It won't let me get off-! It won't let me get off the top! Fuck the 'Give Up' button! Here's the 'Fuck You' button! *throws controller*
Michael "Rage Quit" Jones, Rooster Teeth (from this particular Rage Quit episode)

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