Quotes / Puppy-Dog Eyes

"Well, you know when those cute little Fireside Girls come by to sell their cupcakes or their raffle tickets or whatever, and you forgot to close your shades, so they come to the front door and they can see you! They can see you right in there watching TV or whatever, and you can't pretend that you're not home because they can see you! And they have those big pleading eyes, making you feel guilty..."
Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Phineas and Ferb

Faye: Really? Can...can I have a pony too? Pleeeease?
Marten: The puppy-dog eyes will only get you so far, Faye.
Faye: Pleeeeease?
Marten: Well I guess we could turn the second bedroom into a stable and DAMNIT STOP CONTROLLING MY BRAIN.

"Don't you give me those puppy eyes. Put them back. Puppy needs them."

"You know, my brother could give you this puppy dog look and you'd just buy right into it."
Dean, Supernatural

"Ohh.... Big Brown get Uncle everytime. Fine, I'll go."

Ted: I gave Marshall one of my secrets. Head down, eyes looking up, hands in pocket, shoulders up, head slightly tilted, conveying shy vulnerability.
Robin: I love that look! I think I slept with you because of that look. And it's fake?
Ted: Oh, and you biting your lower lip, shyly looking away and thrusting your chest is natural?
Robin: Yeah, I hear you.
How I Met Your Mother, "Swarley", also known as "Crazy Eyes"

Amy: [after encouraging Penny to confess her uncertain feelings to Leonard] You slept with him!?
Penny: I didn't know what else to do, he gave me those big, sad eyes.
Bernadette: Of course, you had no choice.
Penny: He looked at me like this... [poorly imitates the look with pouty lips and wide eyes]
Amy: If that's all it takes, it's a good thing you don't have a dog.

"Stop it with the eyes! Don't do that with the eyes, how do you do that anyway? It's like they inflate."
The Doctor re Clara, Doctor Who, "Dark Water"

'"'Shinji found himself caught between the two most important females in his life. His gaze darted to and from his wife and daughter. He settled on playing the sad puppy dog to Asuka. Faced with two pleading looks, Asuka relented."''
HERZ, chapter 4

Justin: Are you giving me the puppy dog pout?
Susan: What? No! I wouldn't even know how
Justin: But you are! It's so... I can't...