Quotes / Organ Theft

"Aww, they took my freakin' kidney!"

"I need replacement parts."
Alpha, Men in Black

Count Olaf: "...When I awoke, I discovered they had stolen my kidneys!"
Sycophants: "NO!"

Guy 1: Hey, it says "gullible" on the ceiling.
Guy 2: (looks up, notices it) Oh, so it doe— (looks down, Guy 1 has his lungs) Oh, you stole my lungs

If a man only needs one kidney to survive, why does this story terrify us so? We are always taught to live with what we have and be content with what we own. The body is a remarkably resilient thing, your body even more so.
Don't let yourself get caught by organ smugglers. They might be able to harvest you daily for the rest of their lives. It would not be a pleasant experience.
The Dragon in the aftermath of "The Organ Smugglers," The Secret World