Quotes / Organic Technology

Crew Member: Captain, I'm picking up an approaching ship.
Captain: What can you tell me about it?
Crew Member: Oh my God, it's organic! What are we going to do, Captain?
Captain: There's not much we can do, Ensign. Organic technology is so far beyond our grasp that we can't even imagine the power they must have. All we have is high-powered guns, nuclear missiles, and our primitive metallic armour. What are you reading from their incredibly advanced bio-ship?
Crew Member: Their ship is soft and flexible. Its construction materials are semi-permeable and laced with a network of delicate circulation passages. Instead of using impermeable high-density materials, it's made from countless tiny thin-walled cells which tend to rapidly break down in the presence of corrosive chemicals or radiation.
Captain: What? And we were supposed to be afraid of this? Open fire!
StarDestroyer.net's article on Brain Bugs.

Cheetor: So what are we? Robots or animals?
Optimus: Both... and neither.

They've got technology, sweetheart. They just build it in different ways.