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Quotes: Noble Demon
"I may be a bastard, but I'm not a fucking bastard."
Seth Gecko, From Dusk Till Dawn

While most demons ignore their given station and enjoy tormenting mortals, some are truly honorable and want only the best for creation.
Jade Empire loading screen

It's best not to comment on this guy. Usually, he gives people the impression of being calm and collected, but in reality he's just pretending to be cool. He definitely knows he's not cut out to be Mafia, so he persists in forcing himself, intentionally pretending to be a 'ruthless person' to trick himself.
But I don't really hate this part of him.
Firo Prochainezo, Baccano!! Drugs & Dominoes

Van Pelt: Stop your cringing, woman. I could have shot you at any moment.
Sarah: Then why didn't you?
Van Pelt: You didn't roll the dice. Alan did.
Van Pelt, Jumanji

"From the Hill, Riverside is a tiny splotch between two riverbanks, an unsavory quarter in a prosperous city. The people who live there now like to think of themselves as evil, but they're really no worse than anyone else."
Ellen Kushner, Swordspoint

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