Quotes: No Export for You

"Why's Patty bigger than everybody else? How important is she?"
"More of her on the PS3 box art is shown to say 'HA HA' to anyone stupid enough to get the 360 version and anyone who's not Japanese."
A YouTube comment on the Playstation3 box art of Tales of Vesperia.

A good Back to the Future game? Somebody made a good Back To The Future game? And it was only in Japan? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS FUCKING WORLD?! We get *holds up three horrible Back To The Future video games* THESE shitty games, but not THAT one? Like, what the hell? Why would you do that? It's good, I mean it's not great, but it's the best goddamn Back to the Future game I ever played, it's actually a game! Why bury the gem and dig up the turd? Innocent people have suffered through these fuckin' fuckheaps! People have developed fuckititis from this shit! People have gone on to live horrible lives, kickin' babies in the balls! If you would've went back and time and said to people, 'hey, hey, there's a good Back to the Future game! Put this *holds up games again* shit down and go to Japan!' They woulda looked at you like you were tellin' em to go... teabag a goat on the surface of Mars.

Young people feel somewhat entitled to view content that's been made. They know that it's been made and it exists. They have a really hard time grasping why they shouldn't be able to go online and just view it when they want to view it.
Michael Goldsmith, director of original content at Teletoon, explaining the concept of geo-blocking.

Joey:: There was a Season 0? How come I never knew about it?
Yugi:: It only aired in Japan because it was super violent and depressingly bad.
Joey: Man, the Japanese get all the cool stuff!
Yugi:: Uh, Joey, we live in Japan.
Joey:: We do?

Italy gets Donald Duck as a Batman-type superhero and we get Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Doesn't seem fair.
mightyfilm,on DeviantArt