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Quotes: Munchkin
"Munchkin: One who, on being told that this is a game about politics and intrigue in 17th century Italy, asks to play a ninja."
Red Mage: I've got a great plan. I have dubbed it Plan Awesome.
Black Mage: Oh, don't tell me. You're going to trip and "accidentally" fall such that your neck just happens to be pierced by his fangs. Then you can become an undead blight for the sake of gaining all kinds of "stat bonuses". Those will be used to boost your already impressive and versatile array of abilities to defeat our foe.
Red Mage: No, no, no. But I want to change it to Plan Awesome-B for reasons completely unrelated to what you just said.

Thief: Doesn't it worry you to be, you know, aflame?
Red Mage: Are you kidding? This is great. This is like if burning hands was a seventh level spell. Maybe sixth.
Red Mage: And it's auto hit to boot! I could hug you for 3D4 damage per turn.
Red Mage: Per. Turn. No, I'd be an idiot to give this up.
Thief: Of course. What was I thinking?
Red Mage: *Almost dies but uses Life 2''*
Thief: Doesn't that hurt?
Red Mage: Mmm?
Thief: The spell that brings you back?
Red Mage: Oh, it's quite excruciating. But at least it's not as bad as the burning.

Half-Ogre: All I have to do is keep moving back every time it's my turn. Attack of Opportunity! Attack of Opportunity!
Roy: Well, I have to admire your mastery of the reach rules, but don't you think it's unwise to continually use the same tactic, round after round? Shouldn't you vary your attacks?
Half-Ogre: Why bother? This combo is perfect, I'm telling you. As long as I move back 15 feet every— [falls down a cliff]
The Order of the Stick #216

The fun begins when the creators tell us that all the professions are "balanced", with none ultimately having a particular advantage over another.
I don't quite want to scream "bullshit!" at the top of my lungs, but it suffices to say that I have serious problems believing this. The way these professions work are just one of the many reasons Sen Zar's character creation alone should have had its own chapter in The Munchkin's Guide To Power Gaming.
Jason Sartin reviews SenZar

Any finite number can be reduced to zero
— First Law of Munchkinism

B0N3D00D: wahts ur equip?
B0N3D00D: kewl. a mage wuld rok tho. do u hvae a maeg
If I'm not supposed to kill it, why does it have stats?
Lord British Postulate, more or less designed for Munchkins

I intend to find out who has the most treasure, kill them, take it, and repeat the process.

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