Quotes / Kick the Morality Pet

"Oh, yes, he'd told himself it was for the right reasons, to help the commoners and save the Empire, but where did such idealism end? With bodies like Kitty's lying on the floor."
—Nathaniel, The Bartimaeus Trilogy

"Amazingly, the revelation that Peter was the clone ended up not being the part of the issue that got the strongest reaction from fans, already a sign of trouble. During the big stupid fight, Mary Jane tries to calm Peter down by putting a hand on his shoulder. Peter is so interested in savagely beating a dude whose life he just saved that he doesn’t bother to find out who is behind him before he whips an arm back. As a result, he sends his very pregnant wife Mary Jane flying across the room... Interestingly, it was actually a nastier blow than Hank Pym landed on Janet back in the day, but he’s still the guy stuck with the wife-beating rap."