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Quotes: Idiot Hero
"If being smart means what you say... I'll remain a fool my entire life!"
Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto

"Where's the fun in thinking BEFORE you do something?"
Pixel, Graffiti Kingdom

"I think we're dealing with a very very very very smart person, or a very very very very stupid person."
Model Robot, Perfect Hair Forever

"A speech on willpower in this day and age? I did not know people still believed in such silly notions. Perhaps it was your thick skull that prevented my father's curse from affecting you."

"I'm fine with being stupid! I'm going to keep meeting challenges and keep marching forward!"

"Did you even graduate from junior high!?"

"You're surprisingly dull-witted."
The King of Red Lions, The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker

"Naive, as usual. Whether you believe me is of no import. Just do not stand in my way."
Grolla to Spiritia, RosenkreuzStilette

"I can't help it man! I'm all about stupid!"
Finn, Adventure Time

Jimmy the Robot: They weren't mad about the dynamite, Commander. They were mad because you made the problem worse!
MC Bat Commander: What are you suggesting, robot?
Jimmy the Robot: Just that you may want to plan before you make decisions.
MC Bat Commander: Planning takes time that men of action don't have! Being quick on your feet, and making split second decisions, that's what makes a true leader!
MC Bat Commander: Jimmy, why are we stopped?
Jimmy the Robot: Because we're out of gas, Commander.
MC Bat Commander: See, Jimmy? Planning can't solve all our problems.
The Aquabats! Super Show!, "Cowboy Android!"

"When Yokum speaks, he speaks for millions of morons."
Al Capp, creator of Lil Abner

"They're the kind of characters who look... stupid, really, but they're not stupid, just... simple. And all they really want to do is just focus on doing their job, no matter what."
Michel Ancel, on the protagonists of Rayman Origins

Chris: Again, this is a show that is about Superman, and yet it’s Green Arrow who puts together a team that has nothing to do with Superman until he accidentally finds out they exist. They’re seriously about to walk out the door on a rescue mission, and basically just let Clark come along so he won’t whine about it....So the Justice League goes to bust into the LuthorCorp facility, and while Aquaman and Cyborg kick the living hell out of all the guards, Clark is almost immediately taken out by some Kryptonite that they have laying around. Seriously.
David: Well, Lex DID think that the intrusions were [Superman] so he probably prepared in advance. That kind of made sense. Still, Clark sucks.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri' on Smallville ("Justice")

"That's our hero, ladies and gentlemen: too stupid to eat!"
Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler on a scene of Tidus choking on his food, Final Fantasy X

" I would think if you had one mission in life, that mission being kill the Antichrist or all life dies, you might train a bit. I would personally move to Asia and only come back when I have in fact become a ninja like Batman. That being said I do set high goals for myself. But I would personally be happy if the assassins for Christ were not middle aged fat asses who have gorged on too many communion wafers. These guys aren’t just out of shape, they are klutzes to boot. Let me give you an example. So Damien is getting interviewed on some news program and one of the monks has found a way onto the set. For some reason the monk thinks he should go on the rafters above the set. Why? I guess a thirty foot leap off the balcony with a dagger was a better option than just running up and stabbing Damien but whatever. While he is up there, he trips, gets his foot caught in some of the rigging and he swings from the rafters. While this is happening he knocks over some stage lights which set the curtains on fire. The monk swings around, wraps himself in plastic sheeting, swings over to the burning curtains, then sets himself on fire which simultaneously burns him and shrink wraps him to death. That had nothing to do with Satan or evil forces; the dude was just a dumbass."

"When you aliens are watching Independence Day, I hope what you really take away from it is this: Randy Quaid can kill you. That's not good news, space monsters. Randy Quaid isn't our best human. Here on Earth, we make Randy Quaid wear a helmet when he tries to think. Of Mice and Men was actually a Randy Quaid reality show. When a casting director can't get an orangutan for a part, they call Randy Quaid, and they have to use a special summoning horn to do it because Randy Quaid eats anything that rings. Randy Quaid once farted from April of 1991 to November of 1993. The point is, if he can stop your space invasion, you are fucked. Randy Quaid thinks anything with more than three letters is a suppository."

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