Quotes / Human Aliens

Eldar were familiar to many Imperial citizens, since they were often depicted as weakling aliens crushed beneath the feet of conquering humans in stained glass windows or in the margins of illuminated prayer books. The truth was that no human artist could ever realise one properly. An eldar looked almost human from a distance: two arms, two legs, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, but everything else was different. An eldar radiated wrongness, from its huge, liquid eyes to the many jointed, worm-like waving of its fingers.

Aw, Mom, he's no E.T. He doesn't even look like Mr. Spock!
Sean Donovan, upon seeing the first alien Visitor in V (1983)

Every now and then when I'm watching the shows, the aliens will shake hands with one another and stuff like that, and my head starts to explode. Then again, I guess the shows aren't really about that. We're not writing books where you can spend a whole three volumes creating these deep alien cultures. But those handshakes, and asking for glasses of water and stuff! Man!
Ira Stephen Behr on Star Trek

The original series got away with people who looked exactly like humans because it was a low budget 60's TV series. This is a multi-million dollar movie. Buy some damn forehead bumps or something!
Linkara, on the Baku from Star Trek: Insurrection

Lady Christina de Souza: You look human.
The Doctor: You look Time Lord.

Since [Jesus] became a man, what other form can reason take?
Tinidril, Perelandra

What, you think Earth is the only place humans come from?

Asher: And now I'm sure you're going to ask why people from another world look so much like you...
Sir Gerard: Why would I ask that? [...] God created man in his own image. Why would he do other worlds differently?
Asher Well, I'll be damned.

Amy: And you're an alien.
The Doctor: Yeah! Well, in your terms, yeah. In my terms, you're an alien. In quite a few people's terms, probably.
Amy: What kind of alien?
The Doctor: Well, you know, a nice one. Definitely one of the nice ones.
Amy: So you're like a... a space squid, or something... Are you like a tiny little slug in a human suit?
The Doctor: [indignant look]
Amy: Is that why you walk like that?
The Doctor: Amy, this is me! This (grabs her hands and puts them on the sides of his face) is what I really look like!
Amy: Well, that's fine then! (smacks his face)
The Doctor: OW! Good!
Doctor Who, "Meanwhile in the TARDIS"

Trekkie: Why is it that all of the guest stars are humanoid in shape even when they're playing aliens?
Marina Sirtis: When we start auditioning actors that are not humanoids in shape, that, of course, will change.
Fan encounter recounted by Marina Sirtis

"I've always wondered why there were so many humanoids scattered through the galaxy."
Leonard McCoy, Star Trek

"Yes," the woman said. "I'm an extraterrestrial."
He rolled his eyes. "Look human enough to me."
"Our species are genetically related through subspace osmosis." She paused. "Have you heard of Particular Cross-Spatial Twining?"
"Well that's what does it. It's not common, but makes the genetic coincidence more plausible than it seems."
JAM Jars by Robert Hood

Dayna: I didn't know Helots were originally from Earth.
Vila: Everyone came from Earth originally. That's a well-known fact.
Soolin: It's a well-known opinion, actually.
Blake's 7, "Traitor"

"You know, I expected aliens to be more green and probably with a thirst for flesh. But I guess you aliens come in all shapes and sizes, huh?"
Cooking Cat, A Hat in Time