Quotes: Hulkspeak

Burbank: You master now?
Talon: Better than that, I'll teach you to think for yourselves, and use verbs.

"I like good food, provided there's lots of it. Skimp, and no matter how good the victuals, I just may tip the table over, David Banner-like, throwing open cabinet doors and shrieking article-free phrases like 'Me hungry more bird,' and, 'More potato. Three not 'nough!'"
Michael J. Nelson, Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese

William Dunbar (under XANA's possession), Code Lyoko

"Hulk hates stupid giant cyborg things. Hulk hates Australia. And most of all Hulk hates personal pronouns.
The Hulk, House of M

Fake Thog: *Ahem* THOG SMASHES!
Kilkil: Sir, watch your grammar!
Malack: Why, what's wrong with it?
Kilkil: Absolutely nothing!

Professor Farnsworth, Futurama


"Rocket fist make Freddie so happy!"
Fred, Big Hero 6