Quotes: Hotter and Sexier

Scene 3: Daphne Rubin-Vega plays Mimi. In 'Boheme', she's a sweet, shy seamstress. Now, she's a CRACK-HEAD, NYMPHOMANIAC PROSTITUTE! YEAH!
Forbidden Broadway parody of RENT

I said that I was preparing a new edition of The City and the Pillar.
"Put more sex in!" Allen was cheerful.
"But everyone does that now. Maybe I'll take it all out."
Gore Vidal, Palimpsest

I know Dawn Ostroff at UPN definitely asked for, and is probably demanding, a higher flesh ratio on every show. I suspect that a lot of fans aren’t too happy with that. Others will dig it. Who knows?

Needless to say, neither the streetwalkers nor the whippings, masturbation and transvestite bondage are anywhere suggested in Mozart's opera.
Heather MacDonald on Regietheater

Ooh. Aren’t we edgy, talking about thirteen-year-old girls getting their breasts fondled by grown men because that’s how ancient Sumerian culture was and we’re being honest and oh gag me already while I take a bloody shower to wash the sheer ugliness of this sort of schoolboy version of 'adult' off.
Phil Sandifer on Doctor Who New Adventures (Timewyrm: Genesys)

I hate to parrot what other reviewers think but Roger Ebert has a point when it comes to the masturbation scene. It shows the genius of the original to infer there was sexual voyeurism going on, and quite another to actually show it. When you hear the sound of a zipper going down and the very loud sound of fapping, as well as Vaughn’s O face while cumming to Anne Heche of all people, it really makes you facepalm and give an embarrassed chuckle at the same time.

We live in an age saturated with porn. I can type the word "porn", and porn will appear. The Knockouts are not compelling enough to me to pay for a Pay-Per-View to watch them give each other tepid, not at sexual, barely-lesbionic kisses in the ring; that does not titillate me in the least. If I want to see siliconed-up whores that don't talk—that don't bitch nearly as much as this—I can find it with barely a second's effort.
Noah Antwiler on TNA Bound For Glory 2012

Cut to inside the ship, and perhaps the single most embarrassing part of the Enterprise legacy (which, in turn, makes it the single most embarrassing part of the Star Trek franchise): the decon chamber...Obviously, this was conceived of purely for the titillation factor. And frankly, I have no problem with titillation. We all need more titillation in our lives as far as I'm concerned. The problem is, the gel-rubbing was only titillating for a few minutes, in the pilot episode, and then it promptly turned into a big joke for the remainder of the series' run.
The Agony Booth on Star Trek: Enterprise, "A Night in Sickbay"

Well, Enterprise has another first: they are the first Star Trek to deliberately create their own porn parody of themselves.

I’d rather think of the TARDIS as a ‘mobile phone’ than a ‘snog box.’ Way to sexualise every little part of the series, Moffat. You really need to satisfy yourself before sitting down at the keyboard.

Erica Durance, bless her heart, looks more like a porn star than Andy San Dimas, the actual porn star playing her in Superman XXX.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Lazarus")

If you watch Gotham and have thought to yourself, 'I wonder what The Riddler’s nalgas look like,' here’s your answer.

DC Comics have been making some controversial moves lately. First they reboot their entire universe, which kind of makes sense to me... But then apparently they also turned all their strong female characters into big fat nympho cockslobberers who wave their tits around like maracas, because there isn't quite enough popular culture being aimed exclusively at teenage boys just yet.

X-books need a little sex to be firing on all cylinders, but preferably not in a way that’s so rape van. The list of weird sexual situations is longer than Juggernaut’s (arm): Jubilee and Husk share sexual fantasies at a grave. Stacy X – essentially a red version of movie Mystique – has the mutant power to control pheromones, but really all she does is make people want to have sex with her (psst, that’s not a mutant power). Stacy X and Husk engage in a catfight, and in the absolute worst offense, She-Hulk bangs Juggernaut. Augghh!! We all know Marvel has treated She-Hulk like she’s on the cast of Mad Men, but this is just… gross.
John Parker on Chuck Austen's Uncnanny X-men, "The 15 Worst Comics of the Decade"