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Quotes: Hotter and Sexier
"Scene 3: Daphne Rubin-Vega plays Mimi. In 'Boheme', she's a sweet, shy seamstress. Now, she's a CRACK-HEAD, NYMPHOMANIAC PROSTITUTE! YEAH!"
Forbidden Broadway parody of Rent

I said that I was preparing a new edition of The City and the Pillar.
"Put more sex in!" Allen was cheerful.
"But everyone does that now. Maybe I'll take it all out."
Gore Vidal, Palimpsest

"I hate to parrot what other reviewers think but Roger Ebert has a point when it comes to the masturbation scene. It shows the genius of the original to infer there was sexual voyeurism going on, and quite another to actually show it. When you hear the sound of a zipper going down and the very loud sound of fapping, as well as Vaughn’s O face while cumming to Anne Heche of all people, it really makes you facepalm and give an embarrassed chuckle at the same time."

Trek ’09 simply benefits from having a younger, hotter cast. Simply put, not being forced to watch a pudgy android trying to be an action star improves things vastly for most viewers.

Ooh. Aren’t we edgy, talking about thirteen-year-old girls getting their breasts fondled by grown men because that’s how ancient Sumerian culture was and we’re being honest and oh gag me already while I take a bloody shower to wash the sheer ugliness of this sort of schoolboy version of “adult” off.

"Supposedly, Antonio Banderas was in the running for the Phantom, but [Andrew Lloyd] Webber decided he wanted somebody who was younger and sexier. Banderas, for the record, is about 10 years older than [Gerard] Butler but has more range to him as an actor (possibly because he’s had more experience). He’s also got sex appeal out the wazoo, but more due to natural charisma than rugged good looks. In other words, he could have done a Phantom who had some sex appeal while also playing somebody who is physically ugly. Also, no offense to Mr. Butler, but Banderas has it all over him when it comes to singing the title song."

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