Quotes / Hotter and Sexier

I said that I was preparing a new edition of The City and the Pillar.
"Put more sex in!" Allen was cheerful.
"But everyone does that now. Maybe I'll take it all out."
Gore Vidal, Palimpsest

I know Dawn Ostroff at UPN definitely asked for, and is probably demanding, a higher flesh ratio on every show. I suspect that a lot of fans aren’t too happy with that. Others will dig it. Who knows?

Needless to say, neither the streetwalkers nor the whippings, masturbation and transvestite bondage are anywhere suggested in Mozart's opera.
Heather MacDonald on Regietheater

It shows the genius of the original to infer there was sexual voyeurism going on, and quite another to actually show it. When you hear the sound of a zipper going down and the very loud sound of fapping, as well as Vaughn’s O face while cumming to Anne Heche of all people, it really makes you facepalm and give an embarrassed chuckle at the same time.

I have no problem with titillation. We all need more titillation in our lives as far as I'm concerned. The problem is, the gel-rubbing was only titillating for a few minutes, in the pilot episode, and then it promptly turned into a big joke for the remainder of the series' run.
The Agony Booth on Star Trek: Enterprise, "A Night in Sickbay"

They are the first Star Trek to deliberately create their own porn parody of themselves.

I’d rather think of the TARDIS as a ‘mobile phone’ than a ‘snog box.’ Way to sexualise every little part of the series, Moffat. You really need to satisfy yourself before sitting down at the keyboard.

War Doctor: (watching Elizabeth the First snog the Tenth Doctor) Is there a lot of this in the future?
Eleventh Doctor: It does start to happen, yeah.

Erica Durance, bless her heart, looks more like a porn star than Andy San Dimas, the actual porn star playing her in Superman XXX.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Lazarus")

If you watch Gotham and have thought to yourself, 'I wonder what The Riddler’s nalgas look like,' here’s your answer.

The great inconvenience of The Scarlet Letter, from a Hollywood point of view, is that the novel begins after the adultery has already taken place. This will not do.
Roger Ebert on the Demi Moore version of The Scarlet Letter