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Quotes: HC Bailly
"I 'Let's Play' video games in a walkthrough/commentary format for your entertainment and my own."
— The description of his YouTube channel

"HC Bailly has a plan! Well, of course I have a plan. I always have a plan. It's just a matter of whether everything goes according to plan or not."
HC Bailly, summing up his Lets Plays.

HC Bailly, suffering for his art.

"Freaking Guardian Acorns!"
HC Bailly, confronting his nemesis.

Narrator: And so, the Brave Warrior and Gwaelin set out to seek a new land...
Gwaelin: "Are We There Yet??"
Warrior: "No."
Gwaelin: "Dost thou love me?"
Warrior: "No."
Gwaelin: "But thou-"
Warrior: "Shut up! Just shut up! You know how screwed up our kids are gonna be? I hate, hate, hate, hate, hatehatehate...HATE...YOU!
HC Bailly, enacting a Happy Ending.

"Can Squall make it back to the ship in time? What can we do if he does? Hot women with machine guns! Hahahahaha! How do you beat that? I mean, Quistis... with a machine gun! Hahahahaha! I just find that hilarious, it just comes out of freaking nowhere like "Oh yeah, now we're gonna bring the guns"! What the hell?! Hahahahahahahaha! Ohhhh, I love this game...sometimes."

"MORE PARTY MEMBERS! What next, new-borns?"

"MOOORE PARTY MEMBERS! A new-born! How much younger can you get?!"

"These chest better contain more than just potions... Dammit... Dammit... Dammit!"

I really do want to kill Rufus!
But I'll let Sephiroth do that job!
Would you like decapitation, asphyxiation
Or meteors to the heeaaaaad~~~?
HC Bailly masterfully filks the welcoming ceremony march of FF7.

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