Awesome / HC Bailly

  • Defeating Sephiroth with ONE hit point at the end of Final Fantasy VII.
  • Defeating Emerald Weapon with 12 HP left (before the KOTR + HP Steal Materia combo kicked in) on the same game.
  • A running moment, the fact that he can calmly do the hardest things in the games, and treat them as if they were everyday activities, due to always preparing his characters with the right things.
    I made this look a LOT easier than it is.
  • Similar to the above, whenever he does anything luck based, from mini games to events, he always ends up doing it perfectly. He swears that it's harder than it looks [usually is] and that he didn't re-do anything to get the results.
  • He defeats Final Fantasy IV's Cagnazzo in about three hits, at least in the PSP version.
  • The last hit on the Final Boss of Kevin's storyline in Seiken Densetsu 3 was delivered by HC and JB at the same time.
  • In his LP of the First quest of The Legend of Zelda, HC beats Level 9 without using a single potion, something he couldn't even manage on his test runs! Not bad for someone who claims not to be good at action games.
  • Perfect running all the bosses of ActRaiser.
  • In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, there's two moments that establish HC's awesomeness by analysing their opponents throughly:
    • First, he defeated Dullahan without using summons or RNG dropped equipment, after planning a surefire strategy with another person to deal with his shenanigans. That sure is an statement of determination and awesomeness.
    • And last, but not least, he made look the Doom Dragon, a hard final boss, like a chump, even without using summons or rare equipment, by not even letting their opponent using their most crippling attacks even once. Sure, there were some RNG involved on which point of the script it would enter, but nonetheless, it was really good to see HC crushing the Doom Dragon to his knees.