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Quotes: Guilt-Free Extermination War
Watahiko: Please don't kill me, can't you save me? I don't want to die.
Ginko: Give it up.
Watahiko: Why must you kill us?
Ginko: Because you kill people's children to survive.
Watahiko: But that isn't our fault.
Ginko: It's not our fault either. However, we're stronger than you are, that's why you're going to die without leaving any spores.

"These beings — this being — the Hive is wholly without redemption. When I came out here, I assumed all spacefaring life would be inquisitive and eager to talk. And now I find myself committed to nothing less than genocide. If I find the queen of the Hive, or the nerve center of the being, the single being the murder of which would exterminate the whole, would I do it? I ask myself: could I? And I must answer — yes. In a heartbeat."
Don Jose Maria Cordillera, Tour of the Merrimack: The Myriad

"Either we spread and wipe out the Bugs, or they spread and wipe us out - because both races are tough and smart and want the same real estate."
Juan "Johnny" Rico, Starship Troopers

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