Quotes / Growing the Beard

"It’s like the show was hiding what it truly could become until now."

"Okay, since when did this show suddenly become AMAZING?!"
Yugi Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series "Seto Kaiba vs The World"

"A story that begins with some crudely drawn panels of a boy wandering around his house, very gradually, achieves liftoff in scope and presentation. As hard as it might be to believe from reading the first few panels, everything in that trailer takes place in the story later on in a meaningful context."

You'd be hard pressed to find even the snobbiest critic saying unkind things about Harry Potter, particularly after Book Three, when the story stops being good and starts being ninja-good.
Dan Bergstein of Blogging Twilight

"What is there to say? The best Dalek story of the classic series, the best story up to this point in the classic series, a story so radical that it changed how people did Doctor Who forever. Would there have been a new series if the show had been cancelled before this? I’m not sure there would have been..."

"In the coming season I will suffer from Seven fatigue as I do think they focused on her character too much to the detriment of others, but that isn’t a problem at the moment. Having a spanking new character join is exactly what the show needs to give it a lift and regardless of how shallow shoving a Borg drone into a cat suit is, the character really works and has made me pay attention to Voyager again... We end the episode with the ship damaged and perverted with Borg technology and a Borg drone separated from the Collective—and we open the next episode in exactly the same place without everything ship shape and hunky dory again! Colour me impressed! "

You weren't that impressed with his first movie; he wasn't your favorite Avenger; now, get ready for the sequel that made everyone say: "HOLY SH*T! Who knew Captain America kicked so much ass!"

"Hunky Dory gave me a fabulous groundswell. I guess it provided me, for the first time in my life, with an actual audience – I mean, people actually coming up to me and saying, 'Good album, good songs.' That hadn't happened to me before. It was like, 'Ah, I'm getting it, I'm finding my feet. I'm starting to communicate what I want to do. Now: what is it I want to do?' There was always a double whammy there."

Asuka arrives and the show finally becomes good!

In my not-so humble opinion of Torchwood, series one was crap, series two got a little bit better, Children of Earth was when they really came into their own.

"Pretty early on in Thor: Ragnarok I realised something kind of incredible. The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be the first film series in history to take nearly twenty movies to hit its stride...you can tell that Marvel have been paying very serious attention to the criticisms that their movies have been getting, creating better villains, better visuals, and hiring genuine idiosyncratic directing talent over journeymen. Crazy as it sounds, I think we’re getting to the point where Marvel’s movies stop being merely “fun” and becoming actually…artistically noteworthy. In fact, we might already be there."