Quotes: Growing the Beard

"Itís like the show was hiding what it truly could become until now."

"This is getting exciting! We've sat through the previews and it's time for the main attraction!"
Midori, Mai-HiME episode 13

You'd be hard pressed to find even the snobbiest critic saying unkind things about Harry Potter, particularly after Book Three, when the story stops being good and starts being ninja-good.
Dan Bergstein of Blogging Twilight

"In the coming season I will suffer from Seven fatigue as I do think they focused on her character too much to the detriment of others, but that isnít a problem at the moment. Having a spanking new character join is exactly what the show needs to give it a lift and regardless of how shallow shoving a Borg drone into a cat suit is, the character really works and has made me pay attention to Voyager again... We end the episode with the ship damaged and perverted with Borg technology and a Borg drone separated from the Collective—and we open the next episode in exactly the same place without everything ship shape and hunky dory again! Colour me impressed! "
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Scorpion Pt. 2"