Quotes / Giant Space Flea from Nowhere

The game ends with the player in effect rescuing Gaia from the unwanted attentions of the monstrous Bolbox. Somehow, against all odds, reason, and sanity a game about the evolution of human life itself collapses into a princess rescue.
Phil Sandifer on Evo Search For Eden, "Blood Makes Noise"

Sorry, I scared you there! Anyway, long story short, Death locked me into this chest for all eternity. But if you want me to help, you must fight me. (CUE BOSS FIGHT)
Qem in Iron Twilight after pulling a Screamer Prank on the player.

"Yeah, Final Fantasy IX called, they want their unexpected final boss back."

"Gwee hee hee... You're up the creek without a paddle! And I'm not gonna let you through! ... does that make me a bad octopus?"
Ultros on his motivations for harassing the heroes, Final Fantasy VI Advance

"How come no one told me about this thing?"
"Because we didn't know about it! Now keep firing!"
Two of your comrades, Razing Storm

"That was a pointless encounter with a pointless person."
Marisa Kirisame, Perfect Cherry Blossom

Cloud: (as the room goes dark and begins to shake) Sephiroth?!
Sephiroth: Ha ha ha... it is not me.
Final Fantasy VII, just before the party is attacked by a Red Dragon out of nowhere.

"N-Nine thousand?! Why does this thing even exist?!?!"
Hero Prinny's reaction to the Chefbot-9000, Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

"Its appearance in the game is somewhat of a mystery, as it arrives unexpectedly at the very end of the game and its character is never fully explained."

Suddenly... warping through space and time... King Bowser appears!

"So after leaving this innocent marketplace, you end up falling, and then there's some tall crazy guy in black chasing you around. Who is he? What is he? Is he from the movie? Could it be (shows Toht) him? I don't know."
The Angry Video Game Nerd, reviewing Raiders of the Lost Ark for the Atari 2600.