Quotes: Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke

We hold life to be sacred, but we also know the foundation of life consists in a stream of codes not so different from the successive frames of a watchvid. Why then cannot we cut one code short here, and start another there? Is life so fragile that it can withstand no tampering? Does the sacred brook no improvement?
Chairman Sheng-ji Yang - "Dynamics of Mind", Sid Meierís Alpha Centauri

Why do you insist that the human genetic code is "sacred" or "taboo"? It is a chemical process and nothing more. For that matter -we- are chemical processes and nothing more. If you deny yourself a useful tool simply because it reminds you uncomfortably of your mortality, you have uselessly and pointlessly crippled yourself.
Chairman Sheng-ji Yang - "Looking God in the Eye", Sid Meierís Alpha Centauri

Mark 1: The good news is, my clone was more powerful from creation than I am now. The bad news, my clone was more powerful—
Mike: Blah blah blah! We heard this one already!