Quotes / Filler Villain

Naruto: Who are these guys, Bowie-sensei?
Kakashi, er, I mean David Bowie: They're a rare breed of ninja called "forgettable movie villains". You've never heard of them, and after you've finished fighting them you won't remember it even happened, but for the next 90 minutes you'll think they're the biggest threat you've faced in your entire life!"

Jessie: "Why didn't we think of this plan earlier?"
James: "How else do you fill half an hour?"

"The figure who stepped onto the scene now was horrifying, in a rather generic way. He was massive, larger even than Kenpachi Zaraki. His black armor seemed to soak up ambient light and make the world a darker place, albeit in a kind of tedious fashion. His sword was a pretty standard giant katana screaming with the souls of his victims. Overall, he was a massive, horrible presence, but nothing about him really screamed 'super amazing'. He was just cool enough to show up for a brief period of time and win a couple battles before dying with his goals unfulfilled."