Quotes / Filler

"Alright, that little detour was a complete waste of my time and effort, so let's move on and pretend that nonsense never happened."

"That's weird. I don't remember any of this happening in the manga."

"The Super Saiyan's stomachs have been filled, and now it's time for Gohan to do his chores... today on Dragon Ball Z!!"
Narrator, Dragon Ball Z

Narrator: And now, like in all the series after a big cliffhanger, here is... a filler episode!
(a view of Seb and JdG looking at the camera)
Seb: Er... what's a filler?
JdG: It's when you make a big cliffhanger but haven't planned what to do next.
Joueur du Grenier, Silent Assault/Raid 2020 review

We thought you were against something entertaining
Like a cartoon or a new video
But the more you watch, the more you feel your spirit's waning,
Cause it's clear we've got a minute to go!
And so we're giving you filler...

Fan: Oh, so you're saying this is filler?
MePhone: It's not filler! [small beat, repeat with emphasis, making it sound like sarcasm] It's just... uh... we're naturally slowing down the pace.
Fan: So, right now, aaaaalll of this, you're saying this is all filler?
MePhone: It's not filler! If it was filler, there'd be no significant plot developments at all.
Inanimate Insanity IInote