Quotes / Face of a Thug

Nah: I had you wrong. I thought you were colder. ...Scarier.
Brady: So you WERE scared of me! I knew it!
Nah: But not anymore! Now I know you're really a good, kindhearted person!
Brady: Gah, stop already! I ain't used to praise. It feels almost as weird to hear ya say that as it does you calling me scary!

"Everybody was scared of Luther. They called him a monster. He was too big, too mean lookin', just too different. Didn't matter if he was the kindest man I ever knew. Didn't matter he'd never hurt no one."
John Garland, Supernatural s04e06 "Yellow Fever"

"...Lotta tattoos...lotta teeth broken off at the gumline...the true face of America..."
George Carlin, "State Prison Farms"

"Maybe then you could buy yourself a face that doesn't scare small children."
Yami to Kaiba, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

"Tank Abbott is the kind of guy you'd expect police to find alone in the center of a wrecked biker bar before they called for immediate backup. He looks like the shitty character from every fighting video game who'd somehow reverse-TRON'ed into our world. His face makes it clear that he hates everything that isn't ZZ Top or alcohol poisoning. He bench presses 600 pounds and wore gloves into the Octagon back when you didn't have to. This implied that he knew things about punching skulls that the rest of us didn't. People put on a diaper before they make eye contact with him."
"Oh, dark grin / he can't help when he's happy, looks insane"
Pearl Jam, "Even Flow"