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Quotes: Disneyfication
"I, like most of the world, am an American. And what's more American than sanitizing your own history to the point that it's no longer recognizable? Puppies! (yaaaay!) But sanitizing your own history is a close second, and no-one is better equipped to do just that than the Walt Disney Company."

"[P]ull up the list of Gatissís problem moments up to present and one imagines heíd be, in the abstract, sympathetic to at least one of them. And yet he keeps making this mistake... Nostalgia demands we treat the past as apolitical so that we can simply love it. It aspires to be apolitical art, which is impossible to start, and then to be apolitical art about history, which is doubly impossible. And while nostalgia is inescapable for geek culture, there are options: ways to be self-aware and smart about it. Queer as Folk is fundamentally a piece of nostalgia about the Manchester gay club scene, but itís not blind to the implications. Nor was The Grand, Russell T Daviesís stab at period drama. But Mark Gatissís work fails to be self-aware about the implications of nostalgia. It just blindly apes things Mark Gatiss liked in the past."

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