Quotes / Convection Schmonvection

"Logically, convection should make the air in this chamber hotter than an oven, and we'd all roast alive. But for some reason, that doesn't happen!"
Foreman Jaak, RuneScape

"Voyager decides to base everything they know about lava from playing Super Mario Bros.: As long as you don't touch it, it can't hurt you! ...Chakotay should be deader than disco."

"This is just barely hair-singing me, because you know, lava, normally, like, at this proximity, Demo would be something like evaporated by now, but I mean we're talking about reverse-gravity lava, which has completely different physical implications."

"Eggman, another thing I wanna talk about is lava: it's cool to look at and and cool to see in videos, but not cool to be within, like, 500 feet of."