Quotes / Chickification

A recent film, The Hours, presents Woolf in a way surely her contemporaries would have marvelled at. She is the very image of a sensitive suffering lady novelist. Where is the malicious spiteful woman she in fact was? And dirty-mouthed, too, though with an upper-class accent. Posterity, it seems, has to soften and make respectable, smooth and polish, unable to see that the rough, the raw, the discordant, may be the source and nurse of creativity. (...) How do we love female victims; oh, how we do love them.
Doris Lessing in her foreword to the Virginia Woolf anthology Carlyle’s House and Other Sketches

Most New Series episodes have their weaknesses, and "School Reunion"'s is Rose. It's not even that she is horrendously characterised all of the time, because throughout most of the episode she is fine, but there are just a few moments when I wanted to break down the fourth wall, jump into the telly and give her a good slap around the chops with a wet fish... The suggestion during their bitch fight seems to be that Rose could rival Sarah in the companion stakes, but she doesn't have what it takes to stand even half as tall. Jealousy is not a very attractive quality (whatever Russell T. Davies might seem to think), and transforming Rose from a strong, independent woman into a seething, green-eyed monster was the point where her character was irrevocably damaged as far as I was concerned.

If you're familiar with Parasite Eve 1 or 2, you're no doubt familiar with Square's marketing campaign — the second one especially — pushing Aya to be more like Lara Croft. Well, forget all that. It's nothing compared to what they did to Aya in The 3rd Birthday. Here's a popular image.



Chris: Sonya has been full-on sexy bondaged and her hair has been teased to within an inch of its life. Ye cats, dude.
Matt: This is really bad. One of the things that you have to give fighting games as a genre is that they put men and women on equal footing, in terms of skills. Lots of them objectify women — looking in your direction, Fatal Fury's Mai Shiranui — but they’re just as tough as men. They aren’t damsels in distress. So this movie going that route is extra disappointing.
Chris: And it’s so lazy! She’s dressed in a weird leather cheerleader skirt and telling Shang Tsung “my friends will come for me!” She was clocking metalheads with a shotgun an hour ago!
Matt: It isn’t even true to this movie’s own version of Sonya. It was about 10 minutes ago that she was telling Johnny Cage to f**k off!
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Mortal Kombat