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"What do I care for your suffering? Pain, even agony, is no more than information before the senses, data fed to the computer of the mind. The lesson is simple: you have received the information, now act on it. Take control of the input and you shall become master of the output. "
Chairman Sheng-ji Yang, Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri

"I am half-man, half-amazing!"
Montel Vontavious Porter, WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

The Charles Atlas course with Dynamic Tension
Can turn you into... A BEAST OF A MAN.
The Who

Young Bruce Wayne: If only I was a scientist billionaire crime-fighting detective, I could have stopped this!
Narrator: That night, Bruce prays to Jesus to grant him awesome powers.
Bruce: Jesus, please make my muscles develop unrealistically fast and make science really easy to learn.
Narrator: Jesus comes through!
Jay Pinkerton and Peter Lynn, Batman Origin Comics

Mobster: Those comic books messed with your mind, kid. You can't do this Batman shit in real life. Nobody got that drive. Nobody got those moves. Nobody did all those mother-fuckin' pushups...
Hit Girl: Except me.

Roy: I'm a fighter. I don't have any magic.
Belkar: You're as strong as a giant and recently survived being stabbed by a triceratops.
Roy: Okay, that, but...

So ze secret to ze ultimate super soldier is... proper diet und exercise?
Baron von Blitzschlag, Avengers: The Initiative

Учение трудно, легко в бою! (Uchenie trudno, legko v boyu! — roughly "Train hard, fight easy!")
Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov

"The real deathblow comes from Zell's kung fu. Because swords and meteors are one thing, but a good Chuck Norris roundhouse to the jaw will finish anything — even the devil!"

Fine: How? How can normal man like you stand to the power of Complete Relic?
Genjuro: I eat, watch movies and sleep! A True Man knows nothing else!

Maxima: We have a teammate named Mathias. Goes by Math, thinks Mathias sounds too biblical.
Sydney: Does he have super-Abacus powers?
Maxima: He's a martial artist. A really really really good one.
[several panels later...]
Sydney: He's that good, huh?
Maxima: Good enough that trying to differentiate between his abilities and someone with actual super powers is a futile exercise.
Grrl Power (please note that while this is happening, we're also getting scenes of Math fighting with one of the strongest members of the team... and winning, effortlessly)

"Okay, here I go. The deciding factor for success for this hard training plan is if you can see it through to the end. This is the important part, Genos. You have to keep yourself going no matter how tough it gets. I have become this strong in only three years. 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running. Every single day! It goes without saying that you have to eat three meals a day, but in the the mornings, a banana should be enough. Another rule is to never use your air conditioner, be it summer or winter, to mentally strengthen yourself. At first, it'll be tough as hell, and you'll start thinking that taking a day off isn't a big deal. But I didn't. In order to become a strong hero I didn't stop even when my whole body was in pain and I was spitting blood. Even when my legs felt heavy and refused to move, I kept doing squats. Even when my arms made strange cracking sounds, I continued doing pushups. After about one and a half years of training, I noticed two things about myself: I had lost all my hair, and I had become strong. In short, train so hard you think you'll die or lose your mind. That is the only way there is to become strong. You guys messing around with evolution and the new human race and all that crap will never make it this far. The true power of us human beings is that we can change ourselves on our own."
Saitama, One-Punch Man

Beast Boy: I thought you said you didn't have superpowers.
Robin: I Lied. [kicks Mammoth several meters back.]
Teen Titans The Abridged Series, lampshading this trope.

"Though we cannot make it possible to fly to the heavens like Superman or to make your body transparent like The Invisible Man, we can make things that are impossible for ordinary people possible, if you practice diligently."
Mas Oyama,This Is Karate

"When you feel someone's gaze on your exposed skin, your muscles contract out of nervousness, and you look slimmer. Having been completely naked since I was born... my muscular strength is now far beyond a normal person's."
Number 7, Oddman 11

Lune Zoldark: Thanks, guys! It took a lot of practice to get this down right.
Nu Stein: That kind of skill....is she a newtype?
Lune: Nah. I trained in Jupiter's gravity field. By the way, what's a Newtype? Are they similar to a Psychodriver?

Robo: Bruce, c'mon. [on the ground] Wait. What just happened?
Bruce Lee: I kicked you.
Robo: That was like... being hit by a truck. And I've been hit by trucks.

Surgeon: Storms! Highprince, you're all scars under here! How many times have you been wounded in the shoulder?
Dalinar: Can't remember.
Surgeon: How can you still use your arm?
Dalinar: Training and practice.
Surgeon: That's not how it works!

"From the age of thirteen I practiced every day with the straight sword. I followed a strict vegetarian regimen, and harsh training of barefoot sprints (five) between cities, squats and breathing exercises (two bells), and sword drills and resistance training (three bells). By the age of sixteen, my body was a steel edifice. I was so often mistaken for a man I began to wear my hair long with no pins and unbind my breasts. I could break stone with my hands with no effort, I could sprint between the Yellow City and the Lunar dominions in a day or less and barely strain my breath. My mastery of the sword complete, I enlisted in the Middle Army's third legion, where I was widely respected as a swordswoman of incredible power. When it came time to face my first real opponent, the Colossus of Pardos, in my youthful pride and immense skill, I brought all my training and mastery to bear. Scarcely half a day passed before my sword was shattered into thirty pieces, my right leg was almost torn from its socket, and my honed body was broken pathetically in a hundred and forty places. I defeated him by gouging his brains out through his breathing valves. My thumbs, in this case, proved far more useful. At that moment, with my thumbs in his brains, I had a revelation. I had trained far too broadly. Existence and the act of combat are absolutely no different, and the essence of both, the purity of both, is a singular action, which is Cutting Down Your Opponent. You must resolve to train this action. You must become this action. Truly, there is very little else that will serve you as well in this entire cursed world."
Meti's Sword Manual, Kill Six Billion Demons

Cell: How did you acquire this new strength? Enlighten me!
Vegeta: I do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups - and I drink plenty of juice.
Dragon Ball Z (Funimation dub)

One of the best things about DBZ is that, in regards to almost all the basic powers in the show, if the characters are asked how they can do what they just did, they can honestly say I work out.