Quotes / Campione!

"All you have right is strong power. Yes, a god stronger than anyone else, but just a wilful monster. You cannot be called a hero in this state. I don't consider a guy a hero with just power alone! This is why I don't want to obey, and feel no need to kneel. Any objections?"
Kusanagi Godou, calling out Verethragna

"...I cannot give you things like the happiness or memories of ordinary people. However, as long as you follow me, you will surely obtain victory, so I will give you the necessary power. I will even give you my heart."
Kusanagi Godou

"If someone thinks that abandoning a girl could save even more people, then let that person go fight a god alone. It doesn't concern me. However, if I am the one who is fighting, then things have to be done my way. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, if you are going to rely on someone, then just shut up with the nagging!"
Kusanagi Godou

"I will make this oath now. I, I will not allow anything that cannot be cut to exist in this world. For this sword of mine, is the invincible blade that cuts down all without fail!"
Salvatore Doni

"May his spine be crushed; may his bones be broken, his tendons torn, his hair ripped from his skull; may his blood, spilled over the earth, be churned into a bloody froth. I shall become one who buries fangs into the sinner's flesh, that the will of the Lord be followed: Thou shalt be purged!"
Kusanagi Godou

"Listen carefully, this is what I believe. Possessing great power without a sense of responsibility is just as culpable as committing crimes! With great power comes great responsibility, and with it, noblesse oblige!"
John Pluto Smith

"My sworn little brother seems to have exiled the Sage Equaling Heaven. As his elder sister, I think it would be interesting to imitate him and follow suit. Vulgar war god, disappear into the sky! Your presence is an affront to my eyes!"
Luo Hao, right before she throws Zhu Gang Lie into space.

"To have so many girls distressed over you, and yet you remain completely unaware... You were born with a lady-killer's disposition. I, Liliana Kranjcar am impressed from the bottom of my heart. Kusanagi Godou, you are like a sleepwalking serial murderer, a rare and unaware lady-killer!"
Liliana Kranjčar, commentating about Godou's Clueless Chick Magnet tendencies.