Heartwarming / Campione!

Several throughout, mainly about Godou and the girls.

  • In volume five, has one of these after another:
    • Erica is dying from Ena's earlier attack. She tries to get that across to Godou, and gives what amounts to her will to him. It is at this point that the audience and more importantly, Godou himself, learns that Erica wasn't joking or manipulating him; she truly loves him.
    • Godou is having none of it. He activates The Youth and saves her via Magic Kiss. The real kicker is that, for the first time, Godou drops the "Just Friends" thing and angrily screams at the sky that Erica is his and he'll pull down heaven to prove it if he has to.
      • A secondary example is that Verethragna himself shows up in a vision thing and he provides the final push Godou needed to access The Youth.
    • Ena, the most antagonistic of the four girls, gives Godou a Smooch of Victory for saving her from the sword.
    • Yuri makes it clear to the head of her organization that if push comes to shove, she'll choose Godou over her duty as a Hime-Miko.