Awesome / Campione!

When the premise of a story involves killing Gods, you're bound to find several of these.


  • Any time Godou activates The Golden Sword of the Warrior tends to be this, as it basically equates to a verbal beatdown against a god or a campione using their mythology as the catalyst.

Volume One

  • At the end of the fight against Athena in Volume 1/Episode 4, Godou seems cornered. He only has one Incarnation left that would be effective against the Goddess, the Stallion, but she's already analyzed his abilities and is ready to counter it. Godou uses it anyways to burn Athena with the The Power of the Sun, only for her to put up a shield of darkness. Athena smugly declares her victory, only for Godou to point out that he's not alone. Erica then proceeds to pass Cuore Di Leone to Godou.
    Godou: "Athena, you're far too foolish! That person's sword is specially forged. It contains the spell-words of despair, power even to defeat the gods. Normally, you can probably completely guard against it; but what will happen now, while you're defending against the sun with all your strength?"

Volume Two

  • Episode 6: Voban gets one when he tanks the sun Godou throws at him. Admittedly, one would expect this kind of thing from a fight between god slayers.
  • Episode 7: Godou charging at Voban while a whirlwind of golden swords enveloped him! It doesn't end there.
    • Godou using the avatar of the Goat to bring down a massive bolt of lightning which hits Voban directly. Props to Voban for surviving that.

Volume Three

Volume Four

  • Perseus casually defeats a dragon, while holding a calm conversation with the panicking Liliana.
  • Athena for being able to stare down Perseus despite supposedly being weak against him.
  • Perseus and Godou use this trope like a volley-ball during their first fight. Perseus nearly kills Godou with his sword. Godou simply dodges until Lili nearly gets hurt. Then he summons the Boar. Perseus seals away the Boar, and attacks with exploding arrows. Godou counters with the Raptor, dodging every shot. Finally, Perseus manages to seal away the Raptor as well, and kills Godou.
  • Athena back slices Perseus with a Sinister Scythe, and he runs away.
  • Lili drugs Godou, and confronts Athena alone. She suprises the Goddess with her inherent miko gifts, getting far more out of Athena's hint than the Goddess intended.
  • Time for a volleyball rematch. Godou starts off with the The Sword. Perseus counters with his own version of Anti-Magic, wiping out half of the Swords Godou summoned. Godou revives the Sword and destroys Perseus' bow, which killed him before, and then impales Perseus. This causes an explosion. Perseus attacks Godou with his bare hands, and Godou counters with The Bull. Perseus impales Godou, who kicks him through a wall with the Camel. Perseus tries to subvert Lili, but she rejects him and shoots him through the shoulder. As a grand finale, Godou drops the Boar on Perseus again, this time finishing the fight for good.

Volume Five

  • Ena defeats Erica by draining all of her energy.
    • Erica later returns the favor wielding the power bestowed by Youth form.
  • Yuri tells Kaoru and Amakasu straight to their faces that she would choose Godou over her orginazation.

Volume Six

  • Erica and Liliana shoot down Leviathan, and opponent who stood on the same level as a Campione.
  • The fight between Godou and Luo Hao is so violent and destructive that when Liliana and Lu Yinghua (who were fighting nearby) just stop fighting and basically call a truce, since whoever won their battle would have no effect on the outcome of the battle.
    • Too be more specific, Godou fires the Sun at Luo Hao, and she blocks with two giant Buddha statues.
    Liliana: "...I really have no wish to have a conflict when one of a level far surpassing myself is occurring so close to me."
    Lu Yinghua: "...So true, I was thinking we were fighting quite well, but it totally pales in comparison to this."

Volume Seven

  • The entire volume is essentially one huge battle against Sun Wukong and his brothers.
  • First, Sun Wukong turns everyone for miles into monkeys, creating his own personal kingdom.
  • The girls fight a running battle with divine beasts to protect Godou, which turns into a real fight after successive Big Damn Heroes by Ena and John Pluto Smith.
    • This becomes a personal moment for Ena, as she fights evenly with a divine beast that Erica and Liliana together were having trouble with.
  • After the Youth scene, Godou and the girls take the fight to Sun. The girls hold him and his monkey army off while Godou uses the Sword. When that doesn't work, Godou breaks the rules and uses two abilities at once, combining Sword and White Stallion for Beam Spam goodness.
  • Hikari helps Godou save her by negating Sun Wukongs staff with her Anti-Magic. From inside his stomach.
  • The main event, 3 vs. 3 Gods on Campione. To summarize, Smith Robo Techs his Magic Bullet to beat Vaisravana, Luo Hao crushes Zhu Ganglie with a giant hand, and Godou pulls a move from Accelerator and blasts Sun Wukong into the atmosphere.

Volume Eight

  • What little we see of Doni's fight against Nuadha is already plenty.

Volume Nine

  • The first fight between Athena and Lancelot creates a crater a few kilometers wide.
  • Athena turning everything within kilometers into stone, including the sea. And asphalt.
  • Godou dodging the Divine Sword of Salvation and later forging the Blade of Heaven's and Earth's Creation.

Volume Ten

  • Godou fusing the Golden Sword into the form of a snake and battling with Lancelot's knights is quite a sight to behold.

Volume Thirteen

  • Godou using the Blade of Heaven's and Earth's Creation and destroys an entire island. He wipes it off the map.