Quotes: Brutal Bonus Level

Next episode! Look forward to "Tears of Blood in the Extra Stage!" (er, I mean, good luck)
—A message from ZUN after one-credit-clearing the main game on Normal difficulty, Subterranean Animism

Good luck.
—The loading screen that appears before "Through the Fire and Flames" is attempted on Expert, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

"To the true Ridge Racer who has cleared all 39 tours, we introduce these tours of maximum difficulty. The first MAX tour, “Opus 1,” is the ultimate 4-car battle of Class 1 machines. Only 1 in 200 is expected to clear this challenge. There are no prizes. Race for your honor!" (Opus 1)
Description of the first MAX tour, Ridge Racers

"[...] Only 1 in 300 is expected to clear this challenge. [...]" (Opus 2)
"[...] Only 1 in 400 is expected to clear this challenge. [...]" (Opus 3)
"[...] Only 1 in 20000 is expected to clear this challenge. So difficult, that even the best players in the development team were only able to clear it twice within 60 days. The achievement will equal that of climbing Mt. Everest. Race for the ultimate honor!" (Opus 7)
More MAX tour descriptions, Ridge Racers

"Welcome to Hell!"
Cave Story, at the beginning of "Sacred Ground".

"When I [say] the special world is hard, I wasn't joking. If it's too hard for you, just give up. Or spam savestates like a kid"
Yogui, message box at the end of a level in the Special World of Something