Quotes / Boxed Crook

Flagg: [Your last meal] was laced with explosive nanites. Any escape attempt and, well, you're going to look kinda funny trying to run away with no head.
Deadshot: That's a lot of trouble to go to just to keep little old me around. What do you want, exactly?
Flagg: You're going to do something patriotic, convict.
Justice League, "Task Force X"

Emiri Kimidori: Your potential usefulness was marginally greater than the threat you present.

"Well, I'm a convict in a siege tank I ride."
— A line in Terran Up The Night by Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain

Michael Newman: So, first I'm arrested, right? Best LSD I ever made right down the drain. I figure this is it, man, twenty years in the can if I'm lucky. That was 1968... Next thing I know, I'm on Rikers Island. You ever been there, man? Well, suddenly they take me from my cell, okay, they throw me in a waiting room with, like, bank teller windows: four army colonels with medals up their asses are standing on the other side. They say to me, if I come to Vietnam for two years - no action, mind you, just work in a lab - they'll drop all the charges and wipe the record clean. I'd only been in jail for like thirteen hours, I thought 'Nam couldn't be any worse.
Michael Newman: Yeah, really. But they had me by the balls. Next thing I know, I'm in Saigon, and I'm working in a top-secret lab, isolating mind-altering drugs...