Quotes / Anime Hair

"I'm not anime, I'm just surprised that my head's on fire."

"What is wrong with your hair?!"

Hey, get a load of Marik, guys! He's so scared his hair is standing up. Oh, wait, he always looks like that.
Joey, the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! dub

I went to a great deal of trouble recreating the Pharaoh's deck, strategies - even his perfectly-coiffed hair. In fact, that part is what took the longest.

"Look! It's just sticking up at odd angles! Like a demented porcupine!"
Desmond Edgley, commenting on Fletcher Renn's hair, Skulduggery Pleasant

"...Oh no! My hair's in a mess... Ah... But it always looks like this."
Gold, Pokémon Special

The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God (Cloud Rule): The more outrageous his hairstyle, the more important a male character is to the story.

"Somebody was paid to design this."
Spoony on Final Fantasy X's Seymour Guado.

Tifa: I'm looking for somebody. Have any of you seen a guy with spiky hair?
(Donald and Goofy stare at Sora, who tugs at one of his own spikes)
Tifa: Spikier.

"She [Fluttershy] says she's afraid if she gets too close that pointy... 'beast' on your head might poke... her eye out..."

"No one knows why his [Calvin's] hair does that. Is it static electricity? Is it hair gel? No, probably not.''

"Your hair! What are you gay?"
Frieza to Goku, Dragon Ball Peepee

Judge: Where's the witness?
Payne: I surmise that she has been frightened by the defense's demonic-looking horns.
Apollo: So I used a little hair gel. Relax, people!

Narrator: At that moment, Polnareff's hair went crazy.
(Polnareff's hair grows to a ridiculously tall height.)
Polnareff: Whoa, my hair got extremely long!
Jotaro: It always does that.
Joseph: It always happens.
Polnareff: No, even so, this is different, look at this length! It's tall, taaalll!
(Polnareff's hair reaches into the stratosphere.)
Narrator: Po-polnareff's hair became really, really long but that didn't phase them.
Vaguely Recalling JoJo, episode 20

"...Jesus....What's with everyone's hair, today?"

Oancitizen, Brows Held High

Ichigo: 'Cause as the old saying goes, you can't be a real anime hero without cool anime hair!
(Saitama walks in on scene)
Ichigo: ...oh.