Quotes: An Arm and a Leg

"Young man, young man, you must understand! The government wants you to vote, okay? They gonna tell you 'the future is in your hands.' Well, we now the future! So we take your hands! No more hands, no more voting!"

"That there, is Cundalini. And Cundalini wants his hand back!
Mad Max

"He's been disarmed!"
Vegeta, Dragon Ball Kai

Gabbar Singh: Thereís still a lot of life with your arms. Tie him up! (Thakur gets tied up while a henchman hands his sword to Gabbar.) Iím not going to kill you now. After Iím through with you, the world will spit at you. Those arms are full of life! His arms are strong enough to pull down a running horse! Your arms are full of life. Do you remember what you once told me? They arenít arms, theyíre a noose. And here you are! The noose has been destroyed! It has been ripped open! Arms are full of life, arenít they?! These armsÖ give them to me, Thakur.
Thakur Baldev Singh: (Thakur looks terrified) No!
Gabbar: (nods crazily) Give meÖ YOUR ARMS, THAKUR!!!
Thakur: NOOO!!! (Gabbar screams simultaneously as he chops Thakurís arms off.)