Quotes / Alliterative Name

Chris: Nice alliteration. You sounded like Stan Lee for a minute.
Tony: Thanks, I've been practicing.
Bite Me, Fanboy

"If a character had the same first initial in both names, I could at least remember one of the names."
Stan Lee

"Lancel Lannister. Who named you, some half-wit with a stutter?"
Robert Baratheon, Game of Thrones

"Salladhor Saan is a good name for songs."
Salladhor Saan, Game of Thrones

"We have to make the name more memorable! And nothing makes people remember a name like alliteration!" J. Jonah Jameson said.
"Do you really think so?" Peter Parker asked the nearest bystander.
"I wouldn't know," Robbie Robertson commented. Then J. J.'s secretary, Betty Brant, informed him that he had a conference call with the noted scientists Bruce Banner and Reed Richards.
Spider-Man, the official novelization

"Ricky Rat, seen above leaping from tree to tree, was sent by the rest of his gang to recruit Toby Turtle. Because if they could acquire the skills of Toby, their gang of stuffed animals with have more gay names than even Beanie Bunny and Alliteration Alligator's club house."

Superman!Linkara: Lana Lang was my girlfriend when I was Superboy and Lois Lane replaced her when I became Super Man! By sheer coincidence [Supergirl] picked the same initials... L.L.!
Linkara: Plus Lex Luthor and Lori Lemaris. Wait a second... my real name's initials are L.L. How far does this conspiracy go?!
Atop the Fourth Wallnote 

M'gann: Hi! We're new. I'm Megan Morse, and this is Connor Kent.
Marvin: Alliteration! I like it.
Young Justice, "Targets"