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Quotes: Abhorrent Admirer
For The Scapegoat, MGM wanted Cary Grant, but Daphne wanted Alec Guinness because he so much resembled, she claimed, her father... Alec treated her with ineffable charm during their interviews. He also managed to keep at least one large piece of furniture between them.
Gore Vidal, Palimpsest

When my lady asks, the Mighty Faz will go to the ends of the earth to please her. And to her Vagina.

Oldbag: I guess I've misjudged you, Edgey-poo! I thought you were trying to avoid me, you know!
Edgeworth: (That was no misjudgment on your part. That's PRECISELY what I was trying to do!)

Gary: Which one of you mortals wants to mate with all THIS?
Finn: Oh, uh... How do I say, "You're the grossest thing ever" without offending you?
Adventure Time, "The Witch's Garden"

This conversation is over, Prince Blueblood. It's time for you to leave. If you have any farther business, please address it to anypony other than me. Your presence causes me physical pain. I don't like you. In fact, I find you quite horrid. I despise that my position requires me to acknowledge your existence. And, much worse, give you the occasional time of the day. But that time has come to a close. Good-bye.

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