Quotes / A Form You Are Comfortable With

"Dream casts a human shadow when it occurs to him to do so."

Cordo: I don't understand. Why was it necessary for him to make himself look human?
Doctor: Well, if you'd seen a Usurian you'd know what I mean. They look like sea kale with eyes. I mean, would you take orders from a lump of seaweed?
Doctor Who, "The Sun Makers"

"I don't like to brag, but if I appeared to you just as God - how I really am - what I really am - your mind couldn't grasp it."

Alien: Oh, all right. Look, I'm not really your father, OK? I'm an alien who was sent here at this appointed time to kill that guy because he would have destroyed all life as you know it.
Rusty Venture: What?!
Alien: I took the form of your dad because I figured it would be easier to accept. I didn't want to stress you out. End of the world, life on other planets, blah blah blah.
Rusty Venture: Why.. you... SON OF A BITCH! Do you know what you just put me through? What the fuck were you thinking? What kind of fucked up planet are you from where you think showing up as my dead fucking father is supposed to make me feel any better?!
Alien: Okay, take it easy.
Rusty Venture: You prick!
Alien: Look, I just saved your entire planet.
Rusty Venture: PRICK!
Alien: All right, fine. You wanna see? Here! [Alien reveals his true form] There! That would've been better? If I'd shown up like that out of nowhere. Look at you! You practically crapped your pants. Except him, he crapped his pants!
Ned: Boom-boom.

"Actually, this is not Delta. We simply thought that you would be most comfortable speaking to Delta."
Epsilon-Delta, Red vs. Blue

Ellimist: [taking the form of a young human girl] When the dinosaurs first walked, we... we had become much as I am today.
Marco: You'd become a girl with braces?
Animorphs, The Attack

"I am not as I appear to you. This small body is but a manifestation I use to put visitors at ease."
Avatar of the Tree, Guild Wars 2

"I suppose I am a bit too much for his limited mind. [assumes human form] I trust you'll find me a little less overwhelming now?"