Playing With / Shoddy Knockoff Product

Standard Idiom: A poor-quality, cheaply made object made to resemble another, more expensive thing in an attempt to fool potential consumers.
  • Unchanged Idiom: Bob buys a yPhone in his attempts to buy an iPhone. He discovers that the yPhone has none of the iPhone's functionality, and only makes normal telephone calls.
  • Overchanged Idiom: Bob buys a jPhone, which looks exactly like an iPhone but is hollow inside and doesn't work at all.
  • Underchanged Idiom: Bob buys an lPhone, which, while very close to the iPhone, is missing an app or two.
  • Rationalized Idiom:
    • Bob is a cheapskate, so instead of looking in official outlets for an iPhone, he looks at flea markets and shady retailers.
    • Copyright laws are not well-enforced in the area.
  • Reversed Idiom: A real product designed based on a simpler, cheaper alternative.
  • Bluffed Idiom: The product is, in fact, a legitimate Follow the Leader attempt to compete with the iPhone, including its own library of apps and its own interface, similar to but distinguishable from the iPhone's.
  • Doubly Bluffed Idiom: Of course, it kicks off its own wave of imitators.
  • Joke Idiom:
    • We get a glimpse of Bob's house, and it's filled with similar products: Somy television, Macrosoft Windews operating system on a Dull computer, Bob clearly can't tell the difference between the real thing and a shoddy fake.
    • Bob tests Alice's iPhone and decides that he wants one. He accidentally buys a jPhone, only to discover that it's hollow inside and doesn't work at all. Despite this, he's convinced that the jPhone is the real deal and the iPhone is a shoddy knockoff.
  • Back-and-Forth Idiom: Bob buys a yPhone, but it turns out to be a legitimate attempt at competition with the iPhone. His grandmother, however, doesn't know he bought one and buys him a jPhone, which hardly works. Bob then gets rid of both and learns to spot fakes, but the counterfeiters learn to produce better fakes and Bob ends up buying a Somy television...
  • Avoided Idiom: There are no fakes or knockoffs.
  • Required Idiom: The director wants to deliver a stealth PSA about these kinds of devices.
  • Covered-up Idiom: "Oh, Bob, you didn't buy another fake again, did you?"
  • Deliberate Idiom: "I need to make money, but how... Oooh, I know! I'll make counterfeit versions of real electronic devices and fool people with them!"
  • Hijacked Idiom: After accidentally buying a yPhone, Bob replaces Alice's iPhone with it because she'll notice it immediately if he just steals her iPhone, but replacing it with a fake gives him time to get away. Alice, being The Ditz, might never notice the difference at all anyway.
  • Prevented Idiom: "Oh, Hell no. I won't be fooled by this crap. I know a fake when I see it."
  • Talked-about Idiom: "Bob's always buying fake devices like that yPhone. Should I talk to him about it?"
  • Out-of-Universe Idiom: "Ugh, this episode Bob buys a yPhone. More like yPhony, am I right?" "Lame pun, and they do this plot way too often. It's like the director has a Fetish for crappy fakes."
  • Suggested Idiom: Bob comments on how his new iPhone was so light and inexpensive.
  • Analysed Idiom: Bob never actually gets what he needs out of things: his computer hardly works, and what it does it doesn't do well. His TV has bad picture quality and only gets three channels. His yPhone doesn't do the things he wanted an iPhone to do, or even send text messages (which causes problems, because his friends do a lot of texting). The counterfeit producers are taking his money and hiding behind Chinese sovereignty to keep away from the wrath of Sony, Microsoft, Apple, and the like.
  • Upgraded Idiom: Of course, Bob doesn't really need these electronic devices much anyway. They're entertainment. Plus, he eventually learns to recognize the real deal, and doesn't get fooled anymore.
  • Done for Fun: Bob tries to 'fix' his yPhone to make it work like an iPhone.
  • Done for Crisis: Bob tries to buy an iPhone for his girlfriend Alice, but accidentally buys her a yPhone. Alice is offended and believes Bob did it on purpose because he doesn't love her.

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