Playing With / Eldritch Abomination

Basic Trope: A bizarre entity that defies the established rules of a work's universe.
  • Straight: Sro'vru, an incomprehensible monster from the void outside physical reality, emerges from a hole in space-time to feed on human sanity.
  • Exaggerated:
    • A bizarre monster is portrayed entirely through incomprehensible and nonsensical nonsequiturs.
    • The monster itself is confused by its own existence and can't comprehend itself.
    • Not even God can comprehend it!
    • Even simply LOOKING in its general direction causes the viewer's brain to hemorrhage in trying to comprehend it.
    • You Cannot Grasp the True Form
  • Downplayed: Bizarre and utterly weird monsters or extremely strange alien beings.
  • Justified: The "abomination" possesses advanced technology or powers which makes it functionally an incomprehensible monster.
  • Inverted:
  • Subverted: As it turns out, the incomprehensible monster actually follows a lot of rules.
  • Double Subverted: ...Although the rules either don't make sense or contradict each other, such as it only being able to exist during certain conditions, but those same conditions are capable of killing it.
  • Parodied: The incomprehensible monster turns out to have harmless or ridiculous goals.
  • Zig Zagged: The Elder One was just a trick... orchestrated by another incomprehensible monster. But the only witness was an escapee from an insane asylum... But is he really insane?
  • Averted: A completely comprehensible monster with logical rules.
  • Enforced: "If the monster has clear goals and rules, its just another monster. Lets make it unclear how it works so its even scarier."
  • Lampshaded: "Why can't monsters from outside reality ever just adhere to laws of physics or maybe just common sense!?"
  • Invoked: A monster tries to make itself appear like an incomprehensible monster.
  • Exploited: A character creates or fakes an incomprehensible monster to benefit themselves.
  • Defied: A hard to comprehend creature strives to make itself understandable.
  • Discussed: "There are no words to describe the sight before me. Such things shouldn't exist."
  • Conversed:
    Bob: You can't really have an incomprehensible monster in a work of fiction. I mean you can't describe something you can't comprehend.
    Alice: Well what about Uhluthc in Mad Mountains? He was pretty freaky.
  • Implied: There are many tales of the incomprehensible monster, and solid evidence to support it's existence, but the heroes haven't encountered it and word of mouth can't agree on a description - or describe the monster at all.

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