Nightmare Fuel / Wicked


  • The scene discussing everyone's reaction to Elphaba post-melt down doesn't give much detail, only that it was horrifying, vomit inducing, and that they aren't going back into that room to clean it up any time soon.
  • The bizarre inter species orgy in the philosophy club turns from crude to eerie as the host narrates cryptic prophecies along this.
  • One of Elphaba's first words was after being found outside in the darkness, "horrors."
  • Ilianora/Nor being "stitched into a finalizing virginity" so that she would never have children who would suffer as she did.


  • The Wizard's mechanical head contraption. It was deliberately meant to be creepy and loud.
    The Wizard's head contraption: I am OZ!!! THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE!!!!!
  • The Reveal that Elphaba turned Boq into the Tin Man (so he could live despite lacking a heart) looks like something out of a horror movie. The music, along with Boq going mad from the revelation, really cements the mood.
  • An example of Fridge Horror: After "As Long As You're Mine," that screaming sound Elphaba hears before she sees the house... Is that supposed to be Nessarose as she's dying? Either way, it's chilling.
  • The scene in which Elphaba is tricked into giving Chistery wings. The transformation is played for all the horror it's worth, and then it gets ramped Up to Eleven when a set of curtains open to reveal an entire cage full of monkeys that Elphaba has just forcibly, accidentally and irreversibly transformed.
  • Dr. Dillamond losing his voice. We never get any details as to what actually happened, and just the idea that The goat equivalent of a successful, middle-aged man could give up something so important is really quite chilling. When you stop to consider the implications of whether or not he can actually REMEMBER being a sentient creature…things get even worse.
  • Nessa taking away the Munchkin's rights just so that she can keep Boq with her. That's one horrific ruler to live under.