Nightmare Fuel: Touhou

"Our village of honest men originally consisted of only eight people.
We all picked up and moved to a mountain in the east. Two years of honestly boring daily life passed us by.
One day, one of us found a little hole in a peach tree.
Yes, that was the day we were lost in this paradise.
And right away, I stopped being human."
Dolls In Pseudo Paradise opening words.

Gensokyo is host to over a hundred assorted Cute Monster Girls who can potentially toss as many bullets at you. However, even though being surrounded by such a massive amount of girls doesn't mean Gensokyo is a hospitable place of marzipan and kittens. The aforementioned amounts of bullets thrown at you, the possibility of death, the potential of some of these monster girls, and the very real possibility that Yukari just might pop in one day and spirit you away are just some of the many horrors that await you in the rural world that is Gensokyo...
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  • The Dolls in Pseudo-Paradise story. In resume, these are short stories about eight innocent people that are spirited away to Gensokyo and they start dying into Cruel And Unusual Deaths. The first (the most curious), the third (the youngest) and the eighth (the earliest to rise) are Off with His Head!, the second (the most beautiful) is Killed Offscreen, the fifth (the wisest) is Back Stabbed, the sixth (the most mature) is poisoned, the seventh (the wariest) is Nailed To A Tree. And it is implied one of them is the youkai responsible without even realizing it until the end (revealed to be the fourth, the most cowardly and the only girl of the group) who then ends up accepting her fate and is twice Driven to Suicide (the first attempt failing, the second attempt being successful).
    • Averted, the final short story reveals she survived, and stays in Gensokyo.
      • Not quite averted, it is implied that the cowardly one survived hanging the first time only because the rope snapped. There is no implication that the second time was unsuccessful in any way.
  • Pretty much everything about Highly Responsive to Prayers was highly unsettling. Especially Sariel and Konngara. Looking carefully at Konngara, what appears to be blood is dripping from the base of her "horn". It's likely a spike driven through her head. While Sariel looks like a beautiful angel, she's actually an angel of death. The background goes through changes throughout the battle of her first form, and in one of them you can see a bunch of hands rising out of the ground. You can't even clearly make out her second form. You can see the outline of her body, but the rest is a giant void. To further drive the point home, there is no dialogue, and there just is ''something'' about the dark atmosphere in the entire game.
  • Yuuka Kazami. Full stop. It gets worse when you realize that the description "youkai moe~" is a pun on Yuuka being a flower youkai ("moe~" means "budding") ... her real personality is evident from her route in Phantasmagoria Of Flower View and it is not pleasant.
    • One of Yuuka's lines in her scenario in Mystic Square is "Genocide is just another game." Whether she is actually serious or merely trolling is up to debate.
    • In Lotus Land Story, Yuuka also states to Reimu that "In a few hours, you'll become a mist of atoms. ♥", she does admit she won't, but does it by saying "I thought it'd be neat if that actually happened. ♥ " Yuuka thinks someone being reduced to atoms is 'neat'.
    • In her profile in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Yuuka's "Threat Level" is given as "Extremely High" and her "Human Friendship Level" is simply described as "Worst"... To put those ratings into perspective, she shares Flandre Scarlet's "Threat Level" and is the only youkai in the compendium in the "Worst" category of the "Human Friendship Levels"... the genocidally insane doll Medicine Melancholy a little further down this page? Yeah, her "Human Friendship Level" is "Poor"... Never interact with Yuuka Kazami. Ever.
  • The very being of the Saigyou Ayakashi.
  • The inside of Yukari's gaps contain countless unblinking eyes and arms trying to claw their way out.
  • Yuyuko's powers. She can invoke death, which is freaky enough, but then there's the fact that she was Driven to Suicide by them. That's why she's a ghost in-game; she killed herself with (and also because of) her own powers.
  • There's actually a bit of Fridge Horror regarding Remilia and Flandre Scarlet. If you read through Remilia's profile, it states that Remilia can't create more vampires because she doesn't have the appetite to drain all of a person's blood, confirming that (at least in this canon) vampires need to feed on a victim to turn them. Combine this with the fact that Remilia is stated to appear as a child, and Flandre is a whole five years younger than her. Some vampire out there nommed on two little girls who were probably somewhere around 5-10 years old!
  • It's said that the reason Reisen's eyes appear red is because the mind of the person observing them is receding, fast.
  • Medicine Melancholy, full stop. Sure, she's just a sentient doll, but her genocidal ramblings, her thoughts of pure hatred against humans, and how she has no qualms in testing the effects of her dangerous poison on them or killing whoever steps into her territory drive her straight into this category.
  • The Scarlet Devil Mansion. According to game manuals, it's much larger on the inside, monochrome, and very dark. It would be very easy for someone to get lost. Also, if you fell down a hole (which apparently exist in there, according to manuals), no one would hear you, and you would most likely be stuck there until you died of starvation or thirst.
  • Yukari herself. She's so otherworldly that almost every other character finds her mere presence unsettling.
  • Kisume has been revealed to chop off heads and hide them in her bucket, and the head you see might not be her own. But the real creepy part is that she seems completely unaware of her actions.
  • In chapter 14 of Wild and Horned Hermit we get an introduction closeup shot of a Hobgoblin. While it isn't creepy on it's own it will certanly catch many readers off guard.
    • Another example from the same chapter. Yukari is a youkai, but one that is dedicated to maintaining the balance between humans and youkai in Gensokyo. Since humans are vastly outmatched and outnumbered, she's more likely to side with us, right? Wrong. Yukari admits to Kasen that she only keeps an eye on humans and manipulates events in the their favour because it makes them easier to corral and hunt. And this chapter deals specifically with Yukari sending her youkai spies to the Outside world for a short while...
    Yukari: "Gensokyo's getting enough food to fill the stomachs of all its youkai from somewhere."
  • Enenra from Forbidden Scrollery. A kind of Super Smoke youkai with huge Glowing Eyes of Doom that haunts various houses and if it isn't noticed by the house residents then the house will really burn down. And if it fails to burn down a house it then jumps on to the next closest victim making it hard to corner. Just the way the thing is presented make it even creepier.
  • We get to see what Remilia's new pet is in Chapter Seven of Forbidden Scrollery. It is beautiful.
    • In case anyone is wondering, it's a Chupacabra. Yeah...
  • In chapter 23 of Forbidden Scrollery we see firsthand that Reimu is not above murdering Youkai. Namely when she kills a man who recently became a Youkai by caving his skull in. For context, this was a resident of the human village who recently died and was trying to gain immortality by becoming a Youkai through Kosuzu's fortune tellings. This is something that Reimu describes as "the greatest sin". And when the man tries to call her out on harboring Youkai at her shrine Reimu describes it as completely different. Even without taking the questionable morality of this justification into account, this encounter proves to be ominous considering that Kosuzu is steadily becoming more and more influenced by Youkai due to her books.
  • The fate of Maribel Hearn between Trojan Green Asteroid and Neo-traditionalism of Japan. What could have happened to her that resulted in her being consigned to a mental asylum? Randolph Carter would love to have an extra-strong drink or two with her.
  • Rumia. One of the few youkai that are actually known to eat humans. And since she doesn't have any ability that allows swift and painless kills, her preys are most likely eaten alive, or butchered in a horrible and bloody way.
  • Part of the plot of Double Dealing Character is that the protagonists' signature weapons (Reimu's gohei, Marisa's Mini-Hakkero, Sakuya's knives) have gone corrupted. If you choose to your character's weapon, she gradually becomes a twisted, Ax-Crazy version of herself.
    Kagerou: I'm scared... Humans are scary!
    Sakuya: Hmm...
    Sakuya: What am I trying to accomplish by bullying around youkai like this?
    • Even though she feels her weapon's corruption, Sakuya is still compelled by it to cut things up, including her master and other youkai. Not that Remilia is particularly bothered by it, in fact, she's happy to see that her maid has gotten "bolder."
    • Marisa is also very disturbed by realizing her newfound fascination with her Hakkero, and ponders burning Kagerou:
    Marisa: I don't have to go that far...
  • Urban Legend in Limbo provides a little with the introduction of the new character. First everything is quiet and then all of a sudden a huge ball of darkness starts forming and eventually showing her. However she is covered in shadows and it is impossible to make out anything other than her silhouette. All while radiating an aura of darkness plus a hellish static noise one would never expect to hear in a Touhou game.

  • A good amount of fanworks tend to portray Gensokyo as a nightmarish place, despite the fact that all the demons and monsters are cute girls more interested in games and parties than anything else. The "Test in Touhou" videos are prime examples of this.
  • It is somewhat common for fans to depict Yuuka and Flandre as destructive, maniacal monsters. While others go in the opposite direction with "youkai moe~" and Cheerful Child depictions respectively, it says something about their status when any image of them giving a hug on Danbooru is met with many comments along the lines of "OH GOD NO!!".
  • Beware of traversing The Dark Side of Nico Nico Douga. They have Seinen depictions of Touhou itself, most of which contain the R-18 tag. The tag name for Touhou, appropriately enough, on Google Translate roughly means "Gensokyo is a scary place." Interestingly, YouTube also tends to import such depictions from Nico Nico Douga itself.
    • The fan-made music PV "Josei no Qualia ~ Subterranean Rose," created by Innocent Key (censored or uncensored, take your pick), is a classic example of such a Seinen depiction. Sure, we love Koishi's alternate outfit that she wears on there with the Detached Sleeves and stuff, but the fact that she chains Marisa to a cross, rips off her clothes through Clothing Damage, and sometimes gets a downright insane look on her face when she attacks Alice and Patchy, not to mention giving off a Slasher Smile, is pretty freaky. Not only that, she also cuts a stuffed teddy bear open in the beginning of the PV, and at the end, while Satori comforts an unconscious Koishi after she has been knocked out by Marisa's MASTER SPAAAARRRRKKKKK!, we see Koishi eerily opening her eyes in a creepy way just as the PV ends.
      • Even worse, look at the background around 42 seconds in during the establishing shot of Marisa on the cross. Apparently Satori watched the whole thing and did nothing to stop it!
    • Border of Extacy. One can just imagine the horrors of being. It's so terrifying it comes in three flavors: Censored 18+, Uncensored 18+ and Short (which is HEAVILY censored but still TOO DAMN CREEPY).
  • The nature and common treatment of the Yukkuris. Have you ever experienced witnessing something so abhorrent that you're completely mesmerized by the sight and you can't stop looking at it? That is the very experience of witnessing Yukkuri abuse.

"There are eight less people in this paradise, "Gensokyo", and seven corpses were carried off by youkai. Gensokyo has lost these honest men forever. It's just a change in the population count.
Not important news in the least."
Dolls In Pseudo Paradise ending words.