Nightmare Fuel / The Craft

  • The scene where Nancy kills Chris. The Nostalgia Chick proposed that Fairuza Balk stopped acting and was really just insane at that point.
    Chris: You're just jealous!
    Nancy:' Jealous? Jealous?! You don't even exist to me! You don't even exist! You are nothing! You are shit! (starts floating towards him) You don't exist. The only way you know how to treat women is by treating them like WHORES! When YOU'RE the whore! AND THAT'S GONNA STOP! Do you understand? Do you understand what I'm saying? Huh?
    Chris: (frightened) I'm sorry!
    Nancy: He's sorry?! Oh, he's sorry, he's sorry, HE'S SORRY, HE'S SORRY! HE'S SORRY! SORRY MY ASS!!
    (Chris is blasted out of the window and falls to his death)
  • The Snake man that approached Sarah twice. The first time actually would spark Adult Fear, as anyone would be in a situation Sarah did, being alone in the house with a crazed man holding a snake. It's double gruesome when we find out later that Sarah fears snakes. The second time though was even more scary because Sarah and the gang inadvertently used their magic to cause a car to run him down. We never see him again after.
  • The hallucination sequence in the climax. HOLY SHIT.
    • From ALL ends. Not only is Sarah hallucinating seeing nothing but snakes, spiders, scorpions, maggots, cockroaches and rats as far as the eye can see, but she has no way out and no way to call for help and at one point, some of the rats FALL ON HER! If you happen to be afraid of any of those animals, then that scene is not for you, plus even if you look away, you might as well either change the channel or put it on mute, because you will still be able to hear the slithering, scuttling and squeaking of them all. Not to mention this is happening after Nancy taunts her with the "news report" of her dad and stepmother being killed in a plane crash, all in an effort to drive her to kill herself. Also, the other girls get their own hallucinations. Bonnie and Rochelle have a horrifying vision of the latter with her hair falling out (like she wished on Laura) and the former with burn scars on her face. As for Nancy, all of that that was all around Sarah was happening on her body, complete with snakes for fingers and cockroaches in her mouth.
  • Nancy's fate. She can't use magic anymore and her mind is virtually shattered. She is constantly restrianed and sedated whilist going on a Madness Mantra.