Awesome / The Craft

  • Sarah finally tapping into her raw magic potential and kicking Nancy's ass. Especially her stepping out of a mirror and successfully cancelling out all three girl's powers.
  • Sarah's father jumping to her defense, scaring off "the snake man", shooing Chris off the premises, and trying to comfort her.
  • When Bonnie and Rochelle mockingly state that Sarah "probably doesn't have any powers any way" after she refuses to hang out with them after they terrorised and tried to kill her, Sarah abruptly turns around and calmly summons lightning to strike a tree branch, which almost falls on the two girls. As they're cowering before her, she simply warns them be careful as they "Don't wanna end up like Nancy." who's ass Sara utterly kicked in the previous scene.
  • Whilst terrifying, the scene where Nancy confronts Chris over his behaviour and throws him out the window is pretty awesome too. Nancy goes from taunting to deranged in a matter of seconds and starts floating over the ground towards him as he backs up in fear, whilst she rants about his poor treatment of women, his "whore" behaviour and how he's "nothing" to her.