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Heartwarming: The Craft
  • Most of the scenes with Sarah's father. His establishing character moment is chasing off the "snake man" when he scared Sarah, and killing the snake that was left behind. Later he is seen dropping off Sarah at school telling her she doesn't have to go if she's scared.
  • After Chris nearly rapes Sarah she runs to Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle for help, and they comfort her about it. Made more heartwarming by the fact they had an argument earlier.
  • Even though we don't see much of her, Nancy clearly gets along with her mother. This is shown when Nancy gives her step dad a heart attack because he was about to hit her mother. While he was having said heart attack, Nancy can be seen checking if she is alright.
    • There's also they're happy excitement when they realize they are insured for 175000 dollars.
  • Even though they barely know each other, the shopkeeper willingly helps Sarah when the other girls turn on her. Her interactions with Sarah were borderline maternal.
  • The portrait of Sarah's mother in the climax moving, hinting Sarah's mother is helping her from the afterlife.
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