Nightmare Fuel / suteF

  • Chapter A. Catfish demon warps you beyond recognition
  • Chapter B. Symmetrical level. Two characters. One of them must push a crate on a button to free the other. If you don't do anything, the other will freak out, do it for you and die via laser in the process. You can do it instead... but you can't move the other. You died, remember? Subverted: after a while you can.
  • Chapter C. Halfway in the level the Wrap Around stops working at the worst possible moment, throwing you into a pit. Thankfully you save yourself. Because you landed into a pile of corpses
  • Chapter C again. The Nonstandard Gameover.
  • The beginning of each chapter. Specifically, how they change over the various chapters.
  • Chapter F. The entire final battle with Fetus. You fight an Eldritch Abomination Enfant Terrible in a giant pit made out of corpses. They are implied to be yours.
  • The ending.
  • Each chapter is has name that starts with the letter of the Chapter (Chapter A: Awake). So what's the name of missing Chapter E, that you can't finish? Probably because it's Escape.