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17th Sep '15 3:34:24 AM AliC
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* Each chapter is has name that starts with the letter of the Chapter (Chapter A: Awake). So what's the name of missing Chapter E, that you can't finish? Probably because it's [[spoiler:Escape]].
22nd Jun '12 1:47:32 PM Willbyr
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Added DiffLines:

* Chapter A. Catfish demon [[BodyHorror warps you beyond recognition]]
* Chapter B. Symmetrical level. Two characters. One of them must push a crate on a button to free the other. If you don't do anything, the other will freak out, do it for you and die via laser in the process. [[VideogameCaringPotential You can do it instead]]... but you can't move the other. You died, remember? [[color:lightgray:Subverted: after a while you can.]]
* Chapter C. Halfway in the level the WrapAround stops working at the worst possible moment, throwing you into a pit. Thankfully you save yourself. [[spoiler: Because you landed into a ''pile of corpses'']]
* Chapter C again. The NonstandardGameover.
* The beginning of each chapter. Specifically, how they change over the various chapters.
* Chapter F. The entire final battle with Fetus. You fight an EldritchAbomination EnfantTerrible in a giant pit made out of corpses. [[spoiler:They are implied to be '''yours''']].
* The ending.

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